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Geely Zeekr 2024.

Geely Zeekr 2024.

Geely Zeekr 2024.

Geely does not plan to introduce the popular Zeekr electric cars to the Russian market.

The Russian office of Geely reported that the company does not intend to officially sell the electric Zeekr in Russia.

Director of Operations Valery Tarakanov answered a question from the Chinese Cars portal with a categorical “no.”

The conversation about plans to offer Russians models of the premium sub-brand began at a meeting of the “Autoboss 2023 Final Club”.

According to the source, today in Russia there are companies calling themselves official distributors of Zeekr.

Only the comment of the top manager of the Russian office of Geely refutes the existence of such.

Moreover, we will not officially have Zeekr cars in the near future.

Geely Zeekr 2024.

However, this does not prevent the new premium brand from China from gaining popularity among Russians.

This year, the five-door sports hatch Zeekr 001 (an electric analogue of the Porsche Panamera) was included in the list of best-selling electric cars in Russia, ahead of the VW ID.4, Moskvich 3e and Evolute i-Pro.

Moreover, sellers of “parallel” Zeekr are not upset by the lack of official sales.

Geely Zeekr 2024.

In neighboring Kazakhstan, Zeekr began to be sold officially, and electric cars began to cost more than they were previously offered by “gray” dealers. answered how much it will cost to repair and maintain the Zeekr 001 electric car.

For the experiment, we chose the new Chinese electric car Zeekr 001, which has become the most successful in its segment this year.

Prices for the car start at 6.9 million rubles, and its power exceeds 500 hp.

Geely Zeekr 2024.

Experts with whom the Autonews portal spoke do not expect that this electric car will be officially sold here — due to its close connection with Volvo.

So how can you repair and maintain such cars without support from the automaker?

According to market participants, there will definitely be no insoluble problems, but Zeekr 001 owners should be prepared for difficulties.

Body parts that are not in stock in Russia can wait 2-3 months.

A new windshield will cost at least 70 thousand, a lower matrix headlight — from 200 thousand, a front bumper — from 100 thousand rubles. Prices are given by one of the capital’s companies.

Another company told journalists that there are no original spare parts for this electric car, but there are high-quality analogues, again from China.

Maximum — an original spare part removed from another car. Parts are not delivered to us from the factory.

In any case, experts say that the situation with spare parts for Zeekr 001 today is definitely no worse than with parts for European foreign cars.

Geely Zeekr 2024.

However, there is still a risk that the ordered body part may not be suitable. There are no catalogs now — we have to rely on Chinese suppliers.

As for maintenance, during the first maintenance of an electric car, only the cabin filter is changed, which is relatively inexpensive.

Then you will have to change the oil in the gearboxes, coolant and brake fluid — about 50,000 rubles.

Moreover, Zeekr 001 has two motors and gearboxes, one for each axis. In another company, standard maintenance with an oil change in gearboxes was estimated at about 80 thousand.


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