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GEELY FY 11 2020.

GEELY FY 11 2020.

GEELY FY 11 2020.

This car opened a new history for Geely — it is not only the first coupe-shaped crossover, but also the first car with a modular CMA platform.
In the eyes of buyers and critics, this added to the brand’s prestige.

Developed by a subsidiary of Volvo and already the basis of the XC40 SUV and Lynk & Co. Today Geely FY 11 is a real breakthrough in the field of innovations in the automotive industry.

Dear friends! You and we have been waiting for this moment that has been waiting for millennia! They waited when at least someone and he this someone was found and showed the German auto industrialist that we can do better!

Our friends from the Chinese company GEELY introduced the killer of the German premium car industry to the whole world, this is the GEELY car with the conditional index FY 11, but for sure the sales name of this car, which is expected in the fall already in Russia in 2020, will be more euphonious!

Design by JILI FY 11

The FY 11’s inspiration comes from dynamic moments found throughout life and nature. Fluid in movement, shape, full of potential and meticulous attention to detail, this is Geely’s most premium sports coupe SUV.

When you are in FY 11, you are in the «moment».
The FY 11 is the first Geely model to be based on the highly advanced compact modular architecture of the CMA developed at the China

Eurotechnology Center for Vehicle Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. CMA is a modular vehicle architecture for compact cars that meets the toughest requirements in the global automotive industry.

Let’s take a look at the bodywork and let’s be honest, the latest generation BMW x4. We admit that this car is drawn really better! This is one of the first cars built on a modular platform, jointly developed by Volvo and Geely.

We are not talking about cloning, because this is a unique development of a Shanghai design studio. The British stylist Guy Burgoyne, who is a director of Geely Design China, led the process.

GEELY FY 11 2020.

In one of his interviews, he was able to explain why there are so many similar parameters. So, this is due to the fact that the segment has its own rules, which the manufacturers adhere to, and therefore, you can find almost the same variations.

Specialists are limited and are beginning to use body stamping, increasing the width of the wheel arches, bonnet length, front end design and optical geometry.

FY 11 equipment may vary. In the main versions, these are black overlays and a concentric image of the brand. It is also important that the radiator grill is disguised in the same shade.

But in sports cars a body kit is offered in body color with contrasting additions. Another feature of the FY 11 is the presence of Valeo matrix LED headlights, which change the format of the light beams.


Inspired by the streamlined silhouette of a jungle cat leaping towards its prey, FY 11 takes imagery of this dynamic moment and makes it part of its DNA.

Appearance immediately makes it clear that we have before us a clear sample of Chinese production. So, there is an abundance of bold decor solutions. This is no accident: the concern wants to cover all age categories.

GEELY FY 11 2020.

The fit of the model is familiar, although we did a great job.
The polygonal radiator grille is raised closer to the bonnet. Inside there is a brand name and a mesh with several compartments, repeating the perimeter of the air intake, which runs from the bottom and is decorated with plastic parts.

The optics were supplemented with LED inserts and placed tightly to the grille. Thanks to their shape and oblique positioning, the headlights add more aggressiveness. License plates were installed in the center. But it is not yet known whether the FY 11 will be sold in Russia in both trim levels.

The relief creates a breathtaking impression. All the designers’ dreams are reflected in stripes, hollows, gutters. The windows are large providing a great view. The mirrors are mounted on the front fender and separated by uneven contrast. The turn signals are located at the bottom.

The arches and sills are convex, and the rear part has become larger than that of analogues. The rear section is stylish and even extraordinary. They decided to darken the viewing window, and it itself seems to be recessed due to the stepped drops. Equipped with foglights and several diffusers with protection.

The fastback style, which forms the basis of its coupe-shape, results in an extremely low 325 co-efficient wind resistance.
Intuitively positioned body lines and glossy paint give the FY 11 a muscular visual shape, like the ultimate apex predator in its natural habitat.

GEELY FY 11 2020.

Interior GEELY FY 11

The FY 11 adopts driver-oriented interior design. An asymmetric flying wing design instrument cluster with a large central infotainment panel tilts slightly towards the driver.
Layering allows for placement of ambient mood lighting that changes based on the wishes of the drivers.

In addition, raised black vents, origami-inspired door panels, electronic gearshifts and other unique details combine to create a highly personalized, driver-focused sports cab.

There is a virtual cockpit, as well as a touch screen deployed to the driver. The central tunnel received real buttons and washers that help to provide excellent all-round visibility and automatic parking.

There are different variations of the movement: Sport, Eco, Snow, Comfort and more. The dashboard cannot be adjusted, but some indicators can still be adjusted. The steering wheel was made for a sporty type.

The tunnel is high, which increases ergonomics. There are organizers, climate software, gearshift lever, cup holders and much more. The chairs are comfortable enough.

Thanks to good filling and good support, a comfortable ride is possible. The basic modifications offer seat drives in the front, while the larger ones also offer the rear.

The salon itself looks very original. There are many bright accents here, for example, a thin strip of illumination on the door. There is an original look and a huge amount of decor introduced.

The standard is made of artificial leather, but the extended one is made of natural. The plastic is made from environmentally friendly materials, and some metal parts can cool your hand pleasantly. So, 5 people can comfortably accommodate.

When will the sale of Geely FY 11 start in Russia?

At home, the premiere took place on March 19 last year. Parquet was supposed to enter the home market in the third quarter of 2019. The date of the start of sales of Geely FY 11 in Russia, according to the first deputy general director, is scheduled for the spring of 2020, but even the exact month has yet been announced.

According to the forecasts of authoritative publications, the cost of a cross-coupe in the country of assembly will be 139,800 yuan. And if the assumption is justified, then this is the most expensive sample in the brand’s lineup.

GEELY FY 11 2020.

The price of FY 11 in Russia has not yet been announced. However, given that Renault Arkana was recently brought, it is unlikely that it will be a state employee. Roughly, prices range from 1.27 to 2.03 million rubles.


As mentioned above, the filling of the Geely FY 11 SUV is CMA — a well-known system from Volvo. The distance from the front axle and pedal assemblies is fixed, and the rest can be easily changed based on the intended design.

This gives an advantage not previously available to any car in China — the division of the base with analogues from Europe. Moreover, it is not about the old options removed from production, but about reliable, safe and high-quality brands.

Specifications FY 11: length — 4605 mm, wheelbase — 2700 mm. It is worth noting that there is now a two-liter gas-turbo engine with 238 hp. The motor is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 6.8 seconds.
At home, hybrids of power plants are proposed: 177 hp, a 1.5-liter engine with three cylinders and a 7-speed automatic transmission with wet clutches.

We are unlikely to have this, as the demand is too small. Speaking of equipment, the manufacturers did their best: adaptive cruise control software, auto braking, steering wheel hold, face recognition program, blind spot control, cameras and parking attendants, and more.

JILI FY 11 is safe for your family

The FY 11 follows Geely’s high safety standards and is equipped with Geely’s unique 360-degree security identification technology.

Achieving great safety through smart technologies, the GEELY FY 11 comes with the latest smart safety technology such as Bosch version 9.3 ESP electronic stability program, RCW rear collision warning, RCTA rear cross traffic alert, emergency braking.

AEB automatic with pedestrian identification, FCW forward collision warning, LCA lane change assistant, BSD blind spot detection, SLIF speed limit identification, adaptive high beams, pre-collision belt tensioner, etc ensuring driving is safe at any time of travel. The 360-degree safety circle keeps your eye on the road, making sure you and your passengers are safe at all times.

Intelligent technology GEELY FY 11

The latest smart vehicle technologies turn GEELY and VOLVO into a smart car providing great connectivity and convenience. The FY 11 is a model that knows its owner and can help with driving with a full range of driver assistance functions.

Face-ID and the latest Gkui Geely Smart ecosystem ensure that the JILI FY 11 is set up just the way you like it the moment you sit in the driver’s seat. Driver assistance such as ICC intelligent cruise control, ACC cruise control adaptive, LKA Lane keep assistant, and APA Auto Parking Assistant can help reduce the effort to control.

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