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GMC Hummer 2022.

GMC Hummer 2022.

GMC Hummer 2022.

GMC Hummer 2022: a reliable and powerful electric pickup from a brutal brand.
The American brand «Hammer» after a ten-year respite returns to the world markets, now, however, already in the form of a single model in the structure of the GMC concern.

However, GMC Hummer 2022 will try to master a new and very promising niche — electric pickups.

There are not very many competitors here, and therefore Americans have the opportunity to experiment with literally everything in the car: appearance, interior filling, and most importantly, with the engine compartment characteristics, which are initially outstanding in this car.

In addition, fans of the brand may well evaluate the novelty as a restyling of the good old civilian «Hummer», which has always been considered prestigious.

All of the above gives the manufacturers of electric pickups hope that the new product will not be deprived of the number of potential buyers.


The car has retained an aggressively brutal design that catches the eye even in the photo.

Angular lines, a long base with short overhangs and a bunch of exposed off-road elements, as it were, make it possible to unmistakably guess power and strength in the new model.

The front of the GMC Hummer 2022 is set very high and seems wide, while the length visually does not differ much from cars of similar dimensions.

GMC Hummer 2022.

It has a lot of references to previous generations of «Hammer»: the windshield, placed almost vertically, a large bonnet with raised sidewalls and almost no slope, small LED optics, made in the same unit with turn signal repeaters, and a very powerful bumper directly indicate on the «roots» of the car.

Additional elements include a black frame for updating the glass with side lights at the top in the middle, chrome dies of the conventional radiator grille with the brand name, as well as a massive body kit.

The latter includes large rectangular foglights, a wide air intake of the same shape, as well as a powerful metal plate at the bottom, on which towing eyes and other off-road elements are installed.

The profile part of the new body clearly indicates the universal all-terrain character of the car.

The massive, straight roof can be removed and stowed away in designated areas in the front trunk, transforming the pickup into a convertible.

Almost straight glass of small size is separated by a wide stand and does not have a frame, immediately turning into powerful relief waves that «break» on huge rectangular wheel arches and thresholds with footrests.

GMC Hummer 2022.

And there, and there is a powerful protective layer of black plastic. The look is complemented by traditional large square mirrors on thin legs, which are barely noticeable against their background by the branded door handles recessed into the body, as well as huge wheels with 35 or 37 inches of rubber.

From the rear, the pickup looks familiar for cars of this format and at the same time non-standard.

The sheer wall of the cockpit with a small glass is crowned with a small black visor with side light repeaters.

The rear part of the side is provided with a relief, the inscription «Hummer» and has the ability to open completely or partially.

In its upper part there are thin strips of brake lights duplicators, and in the area of ​​the racks there are large LED overall optics.

The stern ends with a metal bumper divided into two parts with off-road equipment fixed on it, and in the middle, between the two parts, there is a platform for a license plate.


Inside the new GMC Hummer 2022 model year, everything is quite austere, but extremely high quality and ergonomic.

GMC Hummer 2022.

There are a lot of high-quality leather and metals in finishing materials, although there are also more budgetary plastics and fabrics.

Comfortable seats and solid multimedia support make the trip in an «atypical» car very pleasant.

Control and management bodies

In front of the driver and front passenger there are many «boxes» and «boxes» of a rectangular shape, in which literally everything is built: a 12-inch instrument cluster, a large touchscreen display of the entertainment system, air ducts, a climate control control unit.

And the austere multifunction steering wheel is pleasant to grip and facilitates access to a large number of functions.

The central tunnel of the car is wide and imposing, as if it delimits the driver’s area from the passenger next to him.

Of the functionality, it is worth noting a technical unit with a transmission lever and a washer for selecting driving modes, a stylish organizer with a bunch of functions, as well as a huge armrest, the contents of which can be both cooled and heated.

GMC Hummer 2022.

Seats and luggage compartment

The car can simultaneously accommodate five passengers. Each will get a comfortable seat with medium-hardness filling and upholstered in leather or fabric, depending on the configuration.

The front row will receive excellent support from the sides, heating, and top-end versions — and electric adjustments, ventilation and much more.

The back row is represented by a three-seater sofa, on which, unlike other pickups, there is enough space for everyone, even if three adult men are traveling.

As for the luggage area, rangefinders up to two meters easily fit here. How much weight she can take will become known a little later, after the test drive, but auto experts already today predict a figure of 800-900 kilograms.


A ground clearance of 30 centimeters and an air suspension that allows the body to be raised by another 15 centimeters will allow the car to overcome a vertical ledge of 45 centimeters and a 60-centimeter ford.

However, it can be called a super pickup because of the power plant. An all-wheel drive with three electric motors will be able to develop 1014 forces and overcome more than 560 kilometers on a single charge.

In the top there will also be a charger that can provide the car with energy for more than a hundred kilometers.

A little later, there will be versions with an 810-horsepower engine, as well as a power plant for 634 «horses».

The cheaper the version, the later it will see the light of day and the less it will be able to travel on a single charge: from 400 to 480 kilometers.

However, in any version, the pickup will be able to show its best qualities both off-road and in track conditions.

Options and prices

In total, the buyer will be offered four modifications of the car, and the most expensive and cool will see the light earlier, and the simpler ones — in a year and a half.

The cheapest version will cost 80 thousand dollars, and the most expensive is estimated at 113 thousand units of the American currency.

Sales start in Russia

The first Hummer pickups will appear on the American market in the fall of 2021, and their most budget-friendly options will be in the spring of 2024. There is no talk of a release date in Russia yet, but, most likely, they can be bought on order.

Competing models

The car has three main competitors: Tesla Cybertruck, Lordstown Endurance, and Rivian R1T. A little later, the world will see the Ford F150.

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