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Haval H9 2022.

Haval H9 2022.

Haval H9 2022.

Haval H9 2022: a premium SUV in European configuration.

The new version of the full-size Chinese crossover — Haval H9 2022 — demonstrates the combination of premium road comfort with real driving and off-road potential.

Another restyling has helped to adapt the novelty for the requirements of the European market, also deliveries of practical and functional all-terrain vehicle to Russia are not excluded.

Exterior .

Exterior of the modernized Khavala H9 in 2022 is copied from its predecessor with minimal additions, revolutionary changes had more impact on the technical and electronic equipment.

The body design shows the characteristic details of the brutal style of American off-road counterparts of the early series. In the facade, the most striking and expressive aspect of the new version demonstrates:

wide longitudinal relief, stepped sidewalls, and a nominal engine compartment cover angle;
decorative chrome plating of slats and massive perimeter of the radiator grille;
small blocks of combined LED optics.

In the general style is decorated ribbed bumper profile, complemented by fog lamps and silver brake diffusers on the front axle, as well as the grid of additional air intake and silver tinting of the protective panel.

With external similarity to the Toyota Landcruiser, the creation of Chinese designers looks more stylish and formal due to successfully placed decorative accents.

Haval H9 2022.

Canons of classic off-road layout are present in the design of the sides. The new model of the premium Chinese all-terrain vehicle attracts attention:

The dynamic slope of the front glazing;
large format and chrome-plated perimeter of the three sections of the side windows, set of mirrors and recessed in the body door handles;
the rectangular configuration of the roomy wheel arches;
spoked design of 19-inch off-road titanium-aluminum rims and the presence of static running boards.

Crossover styling also dominates the package and stern design. In the rear projection photo, the new body looks on par with the premium counterparts of the European and Asian range. Available:

stop light decorative spoiler and panoramic window format;
supplemented with a platform for the registration plate and an external container for a full-size spare tire, a single-leaf trunk door;
tiered arrangement of universal clearance and stop lights.
The upper surface of the bumper is designed in the form of a wide metal step. The lower trim package includes a twin set of fog lights and stepped silver panel protectors with a cutout for a large-caliber tailpipe.

Haval H9 2022.


A characteristic feature of the Haval H9 2022 five- or seven-seater SUV interior volume is the variety of finishing and decorating materials, natural leather, imitation precious wood plastic, as well as bright metal inserts.

The front panel with informative digital dashboard and three-tier central console looks extremely massive and monolithic.

In the configuration of the torpedo there is a 7-inch diagonal display combining command and media functions, vertical diffusers of the interior ventilation and a three-storey remote control with analog activators of component options.

Part of the command buttons are placed on the front plane of the three-spoke multifunction multitool.

Haval H9 2022.

Premium status interior corresponds to the completeness of the central tunnel, equipped with a lever transmission, organizers and a soft, comfortable armrest.

According to preliminary data, the parameters of technical equipment and automotive electronics are identical to similar models in the more prestigious price segment.

In particular, testing has confirmed the effectiveness of travel stabilizers, electronic assistants and road safety systems.

Pilot perfectly profiled and ergonomically flawless crossover seats of the base model offer elements of full side and lumbar support, seat heating and electrically adjustable positions.

The top version promises a three-mode vibromassage.

Second row passengers will be able to tilt the backrest and heating. The road comfort of the two seats of the third row is nominal, so it is not recommended for long journeys.

The compact dimensions of the 120-liter luggage compartment can be increased respectively to 750 and 1,500 liters at the expense of a simple and time-efficient transformation of the middle and rear seats.

Technical features

Belonging of the Haval H9 2022 to SUVs is confirmed by its impressive external dimensions in the harmonious ratios of 4856 x 1926 and 1900 mm.

Haval H9 2022.

The design features of the all-wheel drive chassis are the length of the wheelbase 2800 mm and a clearance height of more than 200 mm, comfortable multilever suspension with uncut rear axle and differential lock function.

The power and traction characteristics of the two-liter diesel and gasoline engine with 190 and 218 horsepower outputs are realized with high efficiency by the 8-band automatic transmission.

The test drive showed the moderate dynamics of dialing the first «hundredth», the maximum speed up to 180 km/h and off-road potential declared in the technical documentation.

Options and prices

The starting price of the Chinese premium all-terrain vehicle in the standard version «Comfort» is a little more than 2.7 million Russian rubles.

The cost of the top version «Premium» is about 400 thousand units of state currency higher.

Sales start in Russia

The manufacturer plans to release the new SUV on the domestic market, but the final date of release in Russia will be known at the finish of the fall season.


The new Haval H9 2022 model year pretends to fully compete with the same-type developments of leading car brands.

In the extensive list of competitors leads the five class models Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento, Mazda CX-9, as well as Volkswagen Tiguan.

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