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Kia K5 GT 2021.

Kia K5 GT 2021.

Kia K5 GT 2021.

Almost 300 «horses»: a GT version was prepared for the new KIA K5 (Optima) KIA announced the KIA K5 model for the North American market, that is, this is a new generation of Optima, but the Koreans decided to abandon the familiar name.

Note that now there will be no more Optima in the line of the manufacturer — the name «K5» will henceforth become international, including in Russia.

In terms of design, the «five» for the United States practically does not differ from the version presented earlier for South Korea, while in the car interior you can find many interesting differences.

Firstly, a traditional automatic transmission selector appeared here, while cars for the domestic market switched to a washer.

Secondly, the climate control unit acquired two classic «twists», although it was originally a push-button. In addition, on the American K5, simpler finishing materials are used, and a virtual instrument panel is not allowed even for a surcharge — only an analog tidy.

Kia K5 GT 2021.

But the technical «stuffing» of the model is much more curious. Overseas for the new Kia K5, the base engine is immediately a 1.6-liter turbocharged T-GDI unit with an output of 183 hp. (264 Nm), which in Korea is considered the top in the line.

It is paired with an 8-speed automatic, and the drive is front-wheel drive by default, but for the first time for a model it became possible to order an all-wheel drive transmission with an electro-hydraulic rear wheel clutch.

Kia K5 GT 2021.

It was also in the States that a «heated» version of the KIA K5 GT was presented, under the hood of which was a 2.5-liter T-GDI turbo engine with combined injection, developing 294 «horses» and 422 Nm of torque.

Instead of the usual automatic transmission, there is an eight-band preselective robot with two clutches, but the all-wheel drive of the GT version is not required — only the front one.

Kia K5 GT 2021.

Even with it, the acceleration time from zero to one hundred is declared 5.9 seconds (however, the «Koreans» often sin by not keeping up with the factory performance).

In addition, such a car flaunts special 19-inch rims, reinforced brakes, a retuned suspension and an electric power steering on a rail (on other versions it is located on the shaft).

Kia K5 GT 2021.

The start of sales of new items in America is scheduled for the summer, while the GT variant will reach local dealerships only in the fall, and all-wheel drive sedans will appear even later — by the end of the twentieth year, there is no information on prices.

The production of the model for the United States is established at the brand’s plant in the state of Georgia, where the Sorento and Telluride SUVs are already produced.

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