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Kia Sorento Prime 2020.

Kia Sorento Prime 2020.

Kia Sorento Prime 2020.

Kia Sorento Prime 2020: a comfortable SUV at an affordable price.
In the fourth generation, the post-styled crossover of the Kia Sorento Prime 2020 model in terms of basic characteristics can qualify for Premium status. The new model demonstrates a bright and presentable appearance, a spacious and very comfortable interior, enhanced capabilities of on-board equipment and modern driving characteristics.
The novelty of the model range meets the requirements of a well-off middle-aged driver’s category, which prefers a combination of comfort, practicality and road safety in a car.

In the updated version of the popular crossover, restyling has identified itself with an update of the body design and standard optics, improved ergonomics of the salon equipment.

Kia Sorento Prime 2020.


On the advertising photos of the front part of the body, the black frame of the large-format windshield looks prestigious, the edges of the massive hood curved downward, the large-mesh false panel of the radiator lining decorated in the corporate style.

On the sides of the chrome-plated perimeter of the grille, there are three-piece LED headlights highlighted with dotted DRL chains.
The wide bumper with rectangular ventilation air intake, complete with foglights, vertical cutouts of side diffusers looks really sporty.

The narrow plastic body kit is complemented by a metal panel, which is also responsible for protecting the steering rods.
In the lateral projection, the new crossover body successfully demonstrates pronounced elements of prestige and business style. This can be confirmed by:

elegant roofline and aerodynamic hull lines;
high raised sections of side windows;
thoughtful placement of stepped and wave body reliefs and a decorative and protective overlay installed along the plastic body kit.

The layout of the stern of the Kia Sorento Prime 2020 is typical crossover. In the field of view, located under the spoiler lip, a semi-oval configuration of the rear window, decorated with a transverse relief and a branded emblem, a boot lid and modern three-dimensional graphics of trapezoidal stops.

Kia Sorento Prime 2020.


The design of the spacious seven-seater saloon is dominated by practicality, functionality and ergonomic equipment layout. The quality of finishing materials is decent. Using the decorative properties of fabrics, artificial leather and elastic plastic, the designers managed to make the standard salon volume cozy and comfortable.

On the left side of the dashboard, the focus is on the custom instrument cluster design with a large center and small side dials.
A unit with a multi-mode media tablet and a set of air deflectors, enclosed in a silver frame, is mounted on the surface of the center console.

The location of the command buttons on the spokes of the multifunctional steering wheel made it possible to unload the lower tier reserved for the installation of a digital panel of climate control equipment.

In the configuration of the tunnel there is a compact transmission joystick, a well closed with a shutter for small things, ports for connecting external digital devices, a small but convenient armrest.

Service equipment equipped with front seat lateral support elements offers a range of electrified adjustments and seat heating. The center section of the very spacious second row sofa with adjustable backrest can be transformed into an armrest.

Despite the seven-seater status, two third-row seats can be called children’s because of their modest dimensions. The design provides for the ability to quickly transform the rear seats to multiply the standard 1670-liter luggage compartment volume.

The broader functionality of the on-board electronics has been supplemented with several new options, and the efficiency of the standard active and passive safety systems has also been increased.

Kia Sorento Prime 2020.


The body extended by 20 mm with dimensions of 4800 x 1900 x 1690 mm is mounted on a chassis with a front drive and the function of a manual rear axle connection.

The design features of the model include an independent suspension, a 2780 mm center base and a ground clearance of 185 mm.
Unfortunately, an independent test drive did not confirm the declared off-road characteristics, therefore, in the new version of the Kia Sorento Prime 2020, it can claim the status of an SUV.

In Russia, the crossover will be offered with power units copied unchanged from the proprietary predecessor.
These are two gasoline engines with parameters 2.4 l / 188 hp / 241 Nm and 3.3 l / 250 hp / 318 Nm, as well as a 2.2-liter 200-horsepower diesel.

For future owners, it will be a pleasant surprise to replace the six-band transmission with an eight-band proprietary analogue, which more effectively implements the traction and speed characteristics of the engine range.

Taking into account the drive power, the time to exchange the first hundred varies in the range from 10.2 to 7.8 seconds. The fuel consumption of models with a petrol engine is 8.9-10.4 liters for every hundred run.

Kia Sorento Prime 2020.

Options and prices

In the Russian market, the new Kia Sorento Prime 2020 model year will be presented in the basic Classic development and in three more comfortable and technically equipped modifications Comfort, Luxe and Prestige.

The price of a standard crossover was formed at the level of 1.8 million rubles. The maximum cost of a charged top model is brought to the level of 2.7-2.8 million.

Competing models

The list of the most likely competitors has been replenished with models: Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder or Hyundai Palisade.

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