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Lada Niva 2021.

Lada Niva 2021.

Lada Niva 2021.

Lada Niva 2021: a new version of a budget domestic SUV.

Despite the problematic economy and low consumer level of the population, AvtoVAZ continues to modernize the most successful models of the brand range. In particular, the popular Lada Niva 2021 (in the recent past, under the Chevrolet brand) will receive restyling, which has received several new technical improvements.

According to experts, effective modernization will help to fully realize the full potential of the domestic SUV and bring the novelty to higher ranking positions. The manufacturer promised to update the appearance, revise technical and electronic equipment, improve speed, off-road and consumption characteristics.


In the new generation, the new Lada Niva model of 2021 demonstrates a successful combination of corporate identity elements and original design solutions. The newest model line looks the most stylish and aggressive from a full-face perspective. In sight:

Lada Niva 2021.

block arrangement of massive struts and increased inclination of the panoramic windshield;
longitudinal profiles and ribbed skirts of the engine compartment cover;
Hexagonal radiator grille decorated with the brand logo and cross members;
trapezoidal headlight units protected by a plastic grille.

The massive and low-slung front end comes standard with deep wells with fog lamps, a protruding universal winch body and a protective panel for the crankcase and steering rods characteristic of modern SUVs.

In advertising photos and videos, the new Lada Niva 2021 is positioned in a complete set with a powerful hinged trunk, four long-range floodlights and rails. Complementing the look is:

Lada Niva 2021.

side glazing plastic trim;
strict rectangular format of mirrors;
simplified geometry of doorways;
massive door handles.

The list of structural features of the body sidewalls includes the predominance of aggressive stepped terrain, short overhangs, stepped wheel arches and multi-blade off-road design of reinforced rims.

The sporty style is kept up to the smallest detail in the design of the rear side of the new Niva. There is a rear window format overlooking the sidewalls of the body, a full-size spare wheel attached to the tailgate and a three-tier design of multifunctional lights.

The bumper design includes a set of fog lamps, a rectangular stamping for placing a license plate and a figured, combining protective and decorative functions, a silver panel. On the rear, the new body is adorned with a striking silver nameplate and dynamic stepped relief elements.

Lada Niva 2021.


A deep upgrade of a compact domestic SUV marked itself by improving the quality and expanding the range of materials for the salon interior, a modified front console and additional capabilities of the standard technical and electronic equipment.

The front panel is equipped with an analog instrument cluster complemented by a color computer display and optical indicators. The center console layout includes:
three round deflectors of ventilation and heating systems;
onboard audio system settings panel;
a shield with washers for adjusting a few onboard options.

The center tunnel provides easy access to the transmission levers, two-stage transfer case and parking brake, cup holders and under the armrest container for small and personal items.

The Nominal Service of the side-bolstered driver and front passenger seats offers a standard range of mechanical or electric adjustment and heated seats.

The five-seater status of the cabin is conditional, since two adult passengers can be accommodated on the back sofa with relative comfort. The positive impression of the well-profiled seats is spoiled by the hard filling. The massive core of the multifunction steering wheel does not fit well into the overall style of the interior.

Small body dimensions negatively affect the capacity of the 320-liter trunk. To increase the volume to 640 liters, a partial dismantling of the sofa backs is required.

Lada Niva 2021


The external dimensions of the new Lada, realized in proportional ratios of 4316 x 1772 and 1660 mm, are copied from its predecessor without changes.

The advantages of the running gear of the 2670 mm center base, 200 mm of ground clearance are promised a comfortable double wishbone suspension, a set of transverse stabilizers and road safety systems.

As a power unit, a tandem of an uncontested 1.8 liter gasoline engine with a power output of 120 hp was proposed. and a peak thrust of 168 Nm and a manual 5-speed gearbox.

The test drive specified the acceleration dynamics at the level of 13.3 seconds and the consumption characteristics in the amount of 11.1 liters of high-octane gasoline for every hundred run. There is a high probability of replacing the standard engine with a more powerful and economical foreign analogue. With equal traction parameters, fuel consumption can be reduced to 8.7-9 liters.

Options and prices

In the new incarnation, Lada Niva 2021 is promised in six different versions, costing from 650 to 850 thousand rubles. The price of a particular model will be determined by the number and possibilities of additional options.

Sales start in Russia

For objective reasons, the start of mass production was postponed to a later time. Preliminary release date in Russia may be timed to coincide with the beginning of the winter season of the current year.

Competing models

Even before the release of the new Lada Niva 2021 model year, it acquired a very wide list of real rivals. The competitors are budget models of many leading brands of the class: Suzuki Jimny, Hyundai Terrakan, TagAZ Tingo, Chery Tiggo 4, Great Wall H5 and UAZ Hunter.

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