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Lotus Type 132 2022.

Lotus Type 132 2022.

Lotus Type 132 2022.

Lotus is preparing to release a «charged» crossover Type 132 2022.

The model has been brought out for pre-debut tests.
Information has surfaced online today that the new Lotus Type 132 2022 may debut on the world market next month.

It will be purely electric premium crossover.

Also there are available spy photos of new items, which, despite the abundance of body camouflage, give some idea of the design and equipment of the new model.

They show a very low ground clearance and if the company didn’t announce earlier that it was planning a crossover, you’d think it was a station wagon.

The photos also clearly show the outline of a large spoiler on the roof, which augurs the release of a parkette with excellent aerodynamic performance.

It is known that this car, despite belonging to the segment of «battery» cars, will have an active grille.

It is also worth noting the presence of the leaders, which will provide the work of the system of autonomous driving of the second level.

Lotus Type 132 2022.

Earlier in the Network was published teaser video of the model, which showed digital side mirrors, as well as a thin display of the multimedia complex without analog buttons.

It is reported that this car is built on a brand new «bogie» Premium, which was created for the C and E class models with an inter-axle distance of up to 3.1 meters.

In the future, a four-door liftback (2023), a small parkette (2025) and a new hypercar (2026) will be produced on this architecture.

Lotus Type 132 2022.

Returning to the subject of the Lotus Type 132, it is worth noting that the crossover will be equipped with a battery of up to 120 kWh.

However, range of the novelty is not announced at the moment. By the way, the manufacturer does not say anything about the engine of the car, but there is information that the model can accelerate from a place to a hundred in just 3 seconds.

The 2022 Lotus Type 132 will be the first custom-built SUV from Hethel based on the British manufacturer.

Lotus Type 132 2022.

The SUV, scheduled to launch in 2022, is one of four new models Lotus plans to launch by 2025, along with the mid-engine Emira sports car already announced.

Although details are scarce, the Type 132 is expected to be a large SUV based on a two-engine electric platform, though there is a possibility that a V6 hybrid drivetrain produced by Toyota could also be offered.

Lotus Type 132 2022.

A distinguishing feature is the adoption of the Lidar system, which is located on the roof and extends and retracts to improve the vehicle’s handling and autonomous systems.

Lidar stands for Light Detection and Ranging and is a system that uses reflected light beams to create three-dimensional images of the world around us.

It is widely used in modern cell phones, as well as in surveying, geology and even forestry.

But the Lidar has also found its application in autonomous vehicles and has been in development for quite some time, along with the automotive industry.

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