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Maserati Grecale 2023.

Maserati Grecale 2023.

Maserati Grecale 2023.

Why buy Mercedes and BMW when there is one: the new Maserati Grecale 2023 is hitting the market. The date of the premiere of the cross was officially announced.

For quite a long period of time, media reports about the new Maserati Grecale 2023 have been appearing periodically.

The official presentation of the crossover was supposed to take place last year, but was postponed for certain reasons.

And now there is information that the car will be presented in the spring of this year, namely on March 22.

Confirmation of the imminent debut is the published teaser images of the model, though the body is masked with camouflage film.

We must say that the protection for the Maserati Grecale is done a bit non-standard — the film glued on the crossover body comes with colorful graphics, which is also additional camouflage, as it makes it difficult to identify even the silhouettes of key exterior details.

Maserati Grecale 2023.

Nevertheless, something in the design can be seen. In particular, the published images show a sporty and dynamic car.

The radiator grille is made concave and filling in the form of vertical slats makes the car visually higher.

By the way, due to this the vehicle looks a little aggressive. The side air intakes are made quite wide and the central one, on the contrary, is more compact.

Maserati Grecale 2023.

No less original are the spokes of the wheel rims — it looks very effective.

The interior of the crossover is not shown in the photo, but it is assumed that there will be available a modern set of equipment and quality finishing.

Maserati Grecale 2023.

There is no official information about the technical equipment of the Maserati Grecale.

Although, it is assumed quite a good choice of power plants, where will be the electric version.

Maserati Grecale 2023.

Thus, it is reported about the presence of a 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine with 621 horsepower, a 2.9-liter V6 engine with 502 hp.

True, the new crossover may have slightly lower performance. Despite the fact that the premiere will take place this year, sales of the crossover won’t start until next year.

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