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McLaren GTS 2024.

McLaren GTS 2024.

McLaren GTS 2024.

McLaren GTS 2024. McLaren has updated its junior GT model and assigned it the GTS index.

As a result of modernization, the supercar has become a little more powerful and agile, while maintaining the highest level of comfort and practicality for the supercar class.

The volume of luggage compartments remains at 570 liters.

The McLaren GT debuted in 2019 as the British company’s first model aimed primarily at everyday driving and travel, rather than squeezing the juice out of car and driver on a race track or winding country roads.

The McLaren GTS is, in fact, a restyled version of the McLaren GT: the concept of a mid-engine supercar for every day is preserved, but many of the characteristics have become better.

For example, you can now increase ground clearance from the standard 110 mm to 130 mm in just four seconds instead of the previous eight-plus seconds, and overcoming large bumps will take less time.

The all-round double wishbone suspension with Monroe adaptive shock absorbers is the same (three operating modes are available for it — Comfort, Sport and Track).

McLaren GTS 2024.

But the electro-hydraulic power steering has been retuned and now gives the driver better feedback at all speeds without compromising comfort — the steering has not become more nervous.

The standard equipment includes carbon-ceramic brakes: the diameter of the front discs is 390 mm (6-piston calipers), the rear discs are 380 mm (4-piston calipers).

The size of the standard Pirelli P Zero tires is 225/35 R 20 at the front and 295/30 R 21 at the rear.

McLaren GTS 2024.

The appearance of the supercar has remained virtually unchanged, but there are a number of spot improvements.

The air intakes in the front bumper have been enlarged, the engine air intakes on the rear fenders are now located higher, and the roof frame is made from recycled carbon fiber (electrochromic coating can be ordered for the transparent section).

The design of the wheel rims has been updated; many elements of the external tail can be made of carbon fiber for an additional fee.

The interior is the same, but with a new, wider palette of finishing materials; here, too, many elements can now be “rolled in carbon.”

McLaren GTS 2024.

The volume of the main trunk above the engine has not changed — 420 liters, the volume of the front trunk has also not changed — 150 liters, for a total of 570 liters for bags — this is quite enough for a long trip for two people.

The power of the 4.0-liter V8M840TE twin-turbo engine has been increased from 620 to 635 hp. with a constant maximum torque of 630 Nm.

The gearbox is the same — a 7-speed SSG robot with two clutches, but it has two additional operating modes — Sport and Track, the drive wheels are rear.

McLaren GTS 2024.

The McLaren GTS accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, to 200 km/h in 8.9 seconds, and a top speed of 326 km/h.

The overall length of the car is 4683 mm, width — 2045 mm, height — 1213 mm, wheelbase — 2675 mm. Curb weight — 1520 kg, dry weight — 1466 kg, fuel tank volume — 72 l.

The price of the McLaren GTS has not yet been announced, but it will be higher than the outgoing McLaren GT, which costs from £167,560 in the UK. Deliveries of the GTS model to customers will begin next year.

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