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Mercedes-AMG G63 2021.

Mercedes-AMG G63 2021.

Mercedes-AMG G63 2021.

The iconic Mercedes-AMG G63 2021 from Mansory.
The German company Mansory has decided to present another version of its iconic Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV. The car, which received the new name Gronos, boasts an extravagant appearance and alcohol up to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds.

The tuning company, which has unveiled several projects to modernize the German SUV, this time decided to focus on two things: green paint and carbon fiber exterior elements.

Tuners from Mansory slightly modified the old-fashioned name by changing the first letter, and the monster based on the G-class was called Gronos.

Mercedes-AMG G63 2021.

Little is left of its progenitor: the modified AMG V8 engine has been practically turned inside out. Pistons, connecting rods and a crankshaft of our own design were inserted into it, and at the same time they changed the crankcase, the block head and much more.

In addition, the exhaust gases without further ado, directly from the manifold fall into the twin stainless steel pipes.

As a result of all these decisions, instead of the measly 544 hp. the eight produces 840. And its torque has become 1000 Nm — that is, in fact, it is more, but just in case, the upper thrust limit was limited by electronics.

Mercedes-AMG G63 2021.

The car received the familiar nickname Gronos, which was previously used by Mansory for the G-class versions they upgraded.

As for the body, it was simply rebuilt. Carbon fiber. Smart approach — no problem with mass or torsional stiffness. It is unclear why everyone does not do this?

Again, room for creativity: staying in the stylistic field of the G-class, the designers of Mansory created a completely original, albeit scary, appearance.

The key point, of course, is the headlights. And plus some fun touches: the LED turn signals have gone from ugly bumps on the fenders to a combination of nine pinhead-sized LEDs under the headlights. The old turn signals, however, were better seen on the road, but who cares in the 21st century?

Mercedes-AMG G63 2021.

Finally, 23-inch Mansory rims with Vredestein Ultrac Vorti tires in 305/30 dimension complete the new image.

The 2021 Gronos features a dark British Racing Green body color, as well as a wide array of carbon fiber exterior elements, from the front apron to the bonnet to the door handles and fender vents.

Everything is banal inside: magnificent carbon, excellent leather, flawless wood. Nice, of course, but in a car with such a name and such claims, we expected to see at least something reminiscent of the Iron Throne of Westeross.

Mercedes-AMG G63 2021.

The interior is finished in Fawn Brown leather. A carbon leather steering wheel, dark carbon inserts, aluminum pedals and 3D embossing on the seats.

All carpets are finished in black for a stark contrast to the rest of the interior. Compared to the dark exterior, the interior certainly looks lighter.

The standard 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 gets a significant boost in power. Larger turbochargers push more air into the engine, and an improved exhaust system contributes to faster exhaust emissions.

Thanks in part to the new engine management system, the total power is now an impressive 840 horsepower. According to the atelier, the 2021 Gronos will accelerate to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h.

There is no information about the cost of the car, it is only known that in total, Mansory will build only 10 copies of the SUV.

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