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Mercedes-AMG One 2022.

Mercedes-AMG One 2022.

Mercedes-AMG One 2022.

The Mercedes-AMG One 2022 hypercar will be delayed until next year.

It’s been four years since the debut of this hypercar at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but not a single production car has been handed over to customers yet.

The reason is not only pandemic and quarantine. It turned out that it is not so easy to adapt the power unit of a Formula 1 race car to a road car.

The mid-engine coupe is equipped with a hybrid powertrain, the main component of which is a V6 Turbo gasoline engine of only 1.6 liters from the 2015 Mercedes W06 Hybrid car.

Two electric motors are mounted on the engine: the first «twists» the turbocharger impeller, and the second is mounted on the crankshaft.

The gearbox is the original eight-speed robot with one clutch. In addition, two electric motors are installed on the front axle.

The peak output of the power plant is more than 1000 hp, and the estimated acceleration time to 200 km/h is less than six seconds.

The unit has to meet emissions and noise regulations, and this has become a big problem.

Mercedes-AMG One 2022.

For example, to squeeze the turbo racing engine into the ever-tightening economy limits, the developers had to install a particulate filter, which entailed revising all calibrations.

It also took a lot of effort to get the idle speed down from the formulaic 5,000 rpm to a more or less acceptable 1,200 rpm.

By the way, the cutoff is also shifted from 15,000 to 11,000 rpm, although this is a prohibitive value for road cars.

According to the British edition Autocar, AMG engineers were able to solve all the problems, and Mercedes-AMG One coupe will become a small-scale production.

Mercedes-AMG One 2022.

The first production cars will be assembled in mid-2022, that is almost five years after its debut.

The production run will be 275 copies, the price for each will be 2.27 million euros, and all of them, of course, have already been ordered.

The Autocar found out that production of the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar will start only in mid-2022, that is, almost five years after the debut of the model.

The delay is associated not only with the pandemic coronavirus and last year’s lockdowns, but also with technical problems: it turned out that the hybrid power unit, which is installed in a Formula 1 car, is not easy to adapt to a road car.

Mercedes-AMG One 2022.

However, engineers have still managed to find a solution, and Mercedes-AMG promised that the shipment of cars to customers will begin next year.

The production run of the Mercedes-AMG One will be only 275 copies, each of which costs from three million dollars.

All of the hypercars were sold out a year before the 2017 premiere. The model was originally supposed to start small-scale assembly in 2019, then it was postponed to 2021, and now it has been moved to 2022.

Mercedes-AMG One’s hybrid powertrain includes a 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 gasoline engine, four electric motors powered by lithium-ion batteries, and a robotized eight-speed transmission.

Mercedes-AMG One 2022.

The total output of the five units reaches 1,000 horsepower, which allows the hypercar to reach a top speed of 355 kilometers per hour.

The «formula» motor of the hybrid and became the cause of difficulties in the preparation of the serial version: to adapt the installation to modern environmental standards, engineers had to install a particulate filter, which entailed a revision of all calibrations.

The idle speed was reduced from 5,000 rpm to an acceptable 1,200 rpm.

Earlier this year, the Mercedes-AMG One was tested by Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton.

He called the model «a road car that any racer dreams of,» praised its dynamics («it shoots like a bullet»), including on electric power, and praised its comfort.

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