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New Aurus Komendant 2024.

New Aurus Komendant 2024.

New Aurus Komendant 2024.

The new Aurus Komendant 2024 eclipsed the Rolls-Royce: its first review on the Internet.

Aurus Commandant 2024 is a domestic all-wheel drive SUV that belongs to the premium segment.

This model does not even have competitors on the market that are officially offered. Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Mercedes-Maybach GLS will be able to compete with the car if they are imported via parallel import.

The cost of the car is not indicated on the company’s official website, but in some dealerships it can be found for 41 million rubles.

The manufacturer previously stated that the SUV will be produced according to individual orders, taking into account the wishes of the client.

You can even choose an original finish, for example, embroider the family coat of arms on the chairs.

The car is offered with only one uncontested hybrid engine, which produces 598 hp. power, and in one configuration.

Options and prices

New Aurus Komendant 2024.

Aurus Commandant 2024 entered the Russian market in a truly new body, which can be seen in the photo. This model was developed by domestic specialists and has a high level of localization.

So far, the SUV is offered in only one configuration at a very high price, and its technical characteristics have no alternative.

However, it is expected that an extended modification of the machine will be released in the future. A car with a hydrogen engine has also already been tested.

Aurus Commandant 2024 is presented in one version. The cost of the car is not indicated on the official website of the domestic manufacturer, but at the start of sales it was estimated at 33.7 million rubles.

New Aurus Komendant 2024.

Now, judging by the advertisements, dealerships are asking for 41 million rubles for a car of the 2024 model year. For that kind of money, the SUV offers very rich equipment.

By default, the car is “shod” with 20-inch alloy wheels, and its side mirrors, bumpers and door handles are painted in body color.

Interestingly, the SUV does not have a panoramic roof with a sunroof. But already in the database the car body is painted in metallic color. The interior of the car has leather trim.

Decorative inserts made of wood, metal and velor dilute the interior. The steering wheel is also wrapped in leather by default. It contains control buttons for a number of functionalities.

New Aurus Komendant 2024.

The steering wheel itself has vertical and telescopic adjustments. Instead of the standard instrument panel there is a digital screen. It is complemented by a head-up display.

The front seats of the car are adjustable in 12 directions, and the second row has two separate seats. This arrangement corresponds to the executive class model.

The first row seats are equipped with lumbar support, ventilation, electric drive, height adjustment and heating. The second row seats have no less wide functionality.

They are equipped with ventilation, electrical adjustment, heating, as well as massage and memory of selected settings. By the way, you can get into the car interior without using a key. There is also a separate optics control unit.

New Aurus Komendant 2024.

Also in the cabin you can find wireless charging for smartphones, two armrests (front and rear) and a cool box.

The comfort of the driver and passengers is ensured by 4-zone climate control, a Harman Kardon audio system with Hands free support, built-in memory storage and 12 speakers.

Naturally, the car also got a large screen of the multimedia complex. It displays navigation, as well as images from the front, rear and side cameras.

The interior mirror is equipped with a self-dimming effect. In addition, there is 9-color atmospheric lighting.


The car is based on the EMP-4123 architecture. The company’s second model, the Senat sedan, is built on the same “trolley.” With it, the SUV is unified in terms of units, chassis, parts of the load-bearing elements of the body, front door panels and interior panels.

New Aurus Komendant 2024.

The length of the machine is 5380 mm with a distance between the axles of 3100 mm. The width and height reached 2004 and 1820 mm, respectively. The vehicle weight is 3235 kg, and the maximum load capacity is 260 kg.

The SUV’s luggage compartment can accommodate 600 liters of cargo, and the fuel tank — 90 liters of fuel. The vehicle clearance is from 200 to 260 mm.

The 2024 Aurus Komendant is powered by a hybrid system. It is based on a 4.4-liter unit with twin turbocharging.

This engine generates 598 hp. power at 880 N*m torque. The engine has direct fuel injection with electronic control.

The electric motor working in tandem with the internal combustion engine produces 62 horsepower. The car has a nine-speed automatic transmission as a transmission. Drive – full.

The domestic model accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds, and its top speed reaches 220 km/h. According to the manufacturer, in mixed mode the SUV consumes about 18.5 liters of fuel per 100 km.

The car’s suspension is completely independent, spring, pneumatic. It is equipped with stabilizers at the front and rear.


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