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New Infiniti QX80 2024.

New Infiniti QX80 2024.

New Infiniti QX80 2024.

The Japanese brand is preparing for the premiere of the new generation flagship QX80 SUV, but for now, using the available information, we decided to imagine what the new product will look like.

The history of the full-size Infiniti SUV began in 2004, when production of the QX56 model began.

In 2010, the SUV changed generations, and in 2014, along with a planned restyling, it received a new name — QX80.

After another restyling carried out in 2018, the brand’s flagship is still produced to this day, being one of the long-lived people of the modern automobile market (14 years on the assembly line).

The long-awaited generation change will take place very soon, and we already have the opportunity to evaluate almost all the features of its appearance.

In the summer of 2023, the Japanese company showed the conceptual QX Monograph, which is a harbinger of the upcoming new product.

At the end of February this year, the first images of the production car were published, and a little less than a week later, several more teasers.

New Infiniti QX80 2024.

Thanks to them, we can see that the production version almost completely repeats the concept with the exception of a few details.

The third-generation QX80 will receive slightly larger mirrors, full-fledged door window frames, rear optics slightly changed in shape and content, as well as a modified rear bumper with additional lighting elements and a license plate niche.

New Infiniti QX80 2024.

The main innovation in terms of technology will be the engine: the naturally aspirated V8 5.6 with the factory designation VK56VD will be replaced by a petrol biturbo VR35DDT V6 3.5.

New Infiniti QX80 2024.

In the version for the American market, its output will be 456 hp. and 698 Nm (for comparison, the previous V8 engine produces 405 hp and 560 Nm).

The transmission will also change; instead of a 7-speed automatic transmission, the engine will be equipped with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

New Infiniti QX80 2024.

The online premiere of the new QX80 is scheduled for March 20, and the public display will take place a week later at the New York Auto Show.

Meanwhile, in addition to the flagship SUV, Infiniti is also preparing the QX65 cross-coupe and a new large liftback.


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