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Nio ET7 2022.

Nio ET7 2022.

Nio ET7 2022.

The Nio ET7 2022 is the new electric sedan from the Nio brand.
The Chinese company Nio, focused on the production of electric cars, has already mastered the market of battery cars and sold 44 thousand cars in a difficult 2020.

The lion’s share of sales (about 64%) fell on the ES6 model, while the rest of the volume was provided by two more crossovers — ES8 and EC6.

Now the Nio ET7 sedan has appeared in the brand’s lineup, which has become a real treasure of innovation.

Technique and price

The four-door is based on a modern platform that differs from the «bogie» of crossovers in more advanced electronic equipment.


Nio ET7 2022. The body of the novelty, made of high-strength alloys, has a torsional rigidity of 37,100 Nm / deg.

In terms of dimensions, the Nio ET7 is close to the executive sedans: its length is 5098 mm, width — 1987 mm, height — 1505 mm. The distance between the axles is 3060 mm.

The electric vehicle is driven on both axles. The front wheels are driven by a 180-kilowatt permanent magnet motor (torque 300 Nm), and a 300 kW (500 Nm) asynchronous electric motor is installed at the rear.

In total, the two units produce 480 kW (653 hp) and 850 Nm. This is enough to accelerate to 100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds.

Nio ET7 2022.

Acceleration is facilitated by excellent aerodynamics — the drag coefficient does not exceed 0.23. Highly efficient Brembo mechanisms are responsible for braking.

From the start of sales, the new Nio ET7 is available in the basic configuration with two batteries: 70 and 100 kWh.

The first version is priced at 448,000 yuan (5.15 million rubles), the second — at 506,000 yuan (5.82 million rubles).

You can order such cars right now through the online application, but they will reach the buyer only at the beginning of 2022.

Well, by the end of next year, a modification with a solid-state battery with a capacity of 150 kW * h will appear in the ET7 family, which will provide a cruising range of 1000 km in the NEDC cycle (against 500 and 700 km for less power-equipped batteries).

Nio ET7 2022.

Interestingly, you can buy an electric sedan without a battery at all, and then rent it by subscription. You will have to pay 980 (70 kWh) or 1480 (100 kWh) yuan for the drive every month.

During the operation of the car, it is allowed to change the battery and tariff plan. The price of Nio ET7 without a battery, of course, is much lower — from 378,000 yuan (4.34 million rubles).

Nio ET7 2022 Package Contents

The standard equipment of the model includes a multimedia system with a 12.8-inch AMOLED display, a 10.2-inch digital dashboard, a projection screen (displays data on the windshield), seats with ventilation and massage functions in both rows, a panoramic roof, 1000 W acoustics ( 23 speakers).

Nappa leather and tropical rattan (organic fiber that serves as an alternative to plastic) are used for the interior decoration. On top of the front panel is the NOMI voice assistant in animated Pokemon format.

Nio ET7 2022.

One of the trump cards of the Nio ET7 sedan should be advanced safety technologies. So, the electric car relies on the Nio Autonomous Driving (NAD) autopilot, which corresponds to the third level of autonomy.

The complex consists of two subsystems — Aquila Super Sensing (a set of 33 different sensors) and Adam Super Computer (a computer for data processing with four Nvidia Orion SoCs).

With NAD, the vehicle scans the road 500 meters ahead, detecting objects and people.

Well, the air suspension with intelligent control, depending on the road conditions, changes the clearance and the settings of the adaptive shock absorbers.

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