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Nissan Note 2021.

Nissan Note 2021.

Nissan Note 2021.

New Nissan Note 2021 presented: third generation model.

The premiere of the new (third) generation subcompact van Nissan Note took place in Japan. Outwardly, the model has changed quite a lot, which is especially noticeable in its silhouette.

The car received a more horizontal hood and a different line of glass with an increased slope of the rear window.

The «face» of the five-door is formed by a large bumper, narrow LED headlights and a significantly enlarged radiator grille. In turn, aggressive lights and a catchy black trim appeared at the stern of the Nissan Note 2021.

Three wheel options are offered for the car, but two of them are stamped steel rims of 15 or 16 inches, while light-alloy wheels rely exclusively on the top version.

The interior of Nissan Note 2021 in a new body has become noticeably more interesting.

In particular, the car has got a virtual instrument cluster with a 7.0-inch display and modern multimedia with a 9.0-inch touchscreen.

Nissan Note 2021.

The presence of a wired transmission joystick freed the designers’ hands, and they revised the architecture of the central tunnel, making it two-story and placing a large compartment underneath.

The developers promise that the Nout’s interior is still spacious, while the backrest adjustable on the sofa is designed to contribute to the comfort in the back, plus the company reports on improving sound insulation.

The new body of the 2021 Nissan Note has moved to the modular platform CMF-B, although the chassis architecture has not changed: the MacPherson struts are still installed on the front, while the semi-independent suspension is used at the rear.

Usually new models become larger than their predecessors, but in this case we have up to with an exception.

Nissan Note 2021.

The overall length of the car was reduced to 4,045 mm (- 55), and the wheelbase — to 2,580 mm (- 20). The width of the car has not changed (the former 1 695 mm), but at the same time it has become slightly lower — 1 505 mm (- 15).

The declared clearance is only 120 millimeters. Interestingly, the new Generation 3 Note became the first Nissan model in Japan, the body of which is made using ultra-high-strength steel with a yield strength of 1,470 MPa.

However, this did not affect the curb weight of the five-door in any way — the previous 1,190 kg.

The third Nissan Note is a full hybrid. It is equipped with a second generation e-Power power plant, in which the electric motor is directly responsible for the rotation of the wheels, while the electronically controlled gasoline engine acts as a generator.

Nissan Note 2021.

It is reported that the output of the electric motor on the front axle reaches 116 hp. and 280 Nm, while the hybrid of the previous generation had 109 forces and 254 Nm of torque.

Plus, the model received a more compact (-40%) and lighter (-30%) inverter.

The former 1.2-liter aspirated engine acts as an internal combustion engine, but its output was increased to 82 forces (+3), and the peak torque of 103 Nm remained the same.

At the same time, the Japanese have seriously revised the program for controlling the gasoline engine: from now on, the electronics are trying to keep the crankshaft speed at a lower level, thereby reducing the monotonous noise produced by the power unit (recall that in generator mode, the engine runs at a constant speed).

In this case, the program allows an increase in engine speed while driving on a freeway or a bad road, when the overall noise rises by itself. Note that the Nissan Note 2021 has three ride presets: Eco, Normal and Sport.

Nissan Note 2021.

For a surcharge, the hatchback offers four-wheel drive, which implies the installation of an additional 68-horsepower electric motor on the rear axle.

The equipment of the car included a fresh version of the ProPilot system. The latter is a track autopilot, which is guided both by the readings of sensors and cameras, and by the data of the navigation system, which allows the electronics to decelerate in advance when approaching bends or sections with limited speed.

Plus, the hatchback can independently move in a traffic jam within 30 seconds after stopping.

Sales of the new Nissan Note 3 will start in Japan in December of the twentieth, and at first dealers will have front-wheel drive cars costing from 19,400 dollars (1,470,000 rubles at the current exchange rate).

Sales of all-wheel drive versions will begin a little later — in February 2021, the price for them has not yet been announced. Whether the model will be presented outside Japan is unknown.

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