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Opel Crossland X 2020.

Opel Crossland X 2020.

Opel Crossland X 2020.

Opel Crossland X 2020: cute urban crossover.
Many companies have long occupied the crossover niche, but not Opel. This German brand is still trying to find its own style.

So far, his crossovers are not in great demand, but very soon everything may change, as one of the most interesting representatives of the brand’s lineup received restyling.

We are talking about the Opel Crossland X 2020, which has become more stylish, aggressive, comfortable and technologically advanced.

The new model has seriously changed its appearance, updated the multimedia component, and also received an improved engine range, the characteristics of which will make it easy to move on any type of road.


As you can see in the photo, the new body is small in size, but this does not prevent the car from containing quite a lot of very different decor. The car is decorated with an abundance of relief, both stepped and wavy, aggressive optics, interesting air intakes, as well as plastic protection.

Opel Crossland X 2020.

The front part seems especially small here, which is also located at an angle. All this has a positive effect on visibility for the driver, so absolutely anyone will feel comfortable driving this car. Decorations here start from the bonnet, where you can find undulating relief, most of which is concentrated in the center.

A little below the hood are large headlights, which have a rather interesting and aggressive shape. They will illuminate the road with the help of high-quality xenon filling, offered in any vehicle configuration.

Between the optics there is a polygonal radiator grille, which is slightly recessed into the body. It is decorated in the corporate style of the Opel brand.

There is a fine mesh, made in the form of many thin horizontal stripes, as well as several chrome inserts, in the center of which is the Opel company badge. The rest of the space on the main bumper is filled with relief.

Several interesting details can be found on the bumper body kit. Another air intake is brought out here, which is presented in the form of a thin strip located in the center. There are also small recesses with round fog lamps and protective inserts, which will be made of both unpainted plastic and metal.

The car looks very interesting and stylish from the side. The two-tone color is immediately striking. The roof, as well as the pillars of the windows, are painted in gloss black here.

The rear-view mirrors are also made in the same color. They can also boast of more and repeaters of turn signals, installed in the advanced configuration.

The car windows are additionally decorated with a chrome trim on the top. Further, the body has a lot of relief, which is distributed over its entire area. Below you can see quite large arches with a modest overhang. There is also a wide plastic strip that protects the body from minor damage.

Opel Crossland X 2020.

The rear is almost entirely at right angles to the road. An abundance of decor is present here as well. The tailgate trim begins with a long visor, which is painted, like the roof, in gloss black.

You can also find brake lights on the visor. Further, there is already a large luggage compartment window. This is followed by large dimensional signals that have received an almost triangular shape.

Also on the door you can find a bit of relief, recesses for the number plate and chrome nameplates. A lot of space is allocated here for the body kit, which is almost completely covered with protective unpainted plastic. It is equipped only with fog lights.


In the corporate identity of the company, the new Opel Crossland X 2020 model year is made inside. High-quality fabrics, plastics and even artificial leather are used to decorate the car interior.

Multimedia pleasantly surprises here, which has become much more functional than that of the previous generation. Chairs have also become more comfortable here, thanks to which it is comfortable to travel by car both in the city and over long distances.

The dashboard here will be familiar to all fans of the Opel brand. There is a large touchscreen monitor surrounded by stylish vents on the sides and a thin strip of analog buttons on the bottom.

Opel Crossland X 2020.

Below you can see the small climate control panel. The tunnel also differs in its modest dimensions, which includes a small panel consisting of sockets for accessories, a technical part, a pair of small cup holders, a parking brake and an armrest with a modest recess for storing things inside.

The car can accommodate up to five people, each of whom will sit on comfortable seats, trimmed with either fabrics or artificial leather. The set of options here is not very wide. The front seats will receive a heating system, mechanical or electrical adjustments, modest lateral support, and head restraints. For the second row, heating is optional. There is also a folding armrest and headrests.

A test drive of the car showed that the car is great for traveling, as it can carry things with a volume of 400 liters or more. If necessary, the capacity can be increased three times.

Opel Crossland X 2020.


The engine range of the Opel Crossland X 2020 is quite wide. From diesel engines, you can choose a 1.6-liter unit that generates an output of 99 to 120 horsepower.

The petrol engine is 1.2-liter, and its power can be 81, 110 or 129 forces. All units can be equipped with either a five or six-speed manual transmission.

For a surcharge, you can also get a six-band robot. The car will always have a front drive.

Options and prices

The price of new items will be at least 1.3 million rubles.


The car will compete with such models as Mazda CX-5, Nissan Qashqai and Hyundai Creta.

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