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Opel Frontera 2024.

Opel Frontera 2024.

Opel Frontera 2024.

Opel is preparing a new budget crossover, Frontera, as a competitor to the Renault Duster.

The successor to the Opel Crossland crossover will be called “Frontera” and will become a competitor to Duster.

AutoExpress has found out that Opel is developing a new crossover that will compete with the Dacia Duster on the European market.

It is assumed that the model has received the revived name «Frontera». By the way, one of the top managers of the German brand, Uwe Hochgeshurtz, also hinted at this.

There are no official images of the new product yet, but journalists from the same AutoExress have published several renderings demonstrating the possible appearance of the car.

In the Opel lineup, the crossover currently under development will replace the current Crossland. Compared to the latter, it will be built on a different platform.

We are talking about the CMP “trolley”, which is already familiar from the Mokka model.

Opel Frontera 2024.

In terms of dimensions, the new all-terrain vehicle will be slightly larger than the same Crossland.

The car will receive a more practical, simplified exterior design and a spacious three-row interior.

It is expected that the model will be equipped with a 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbo engine, and the unit will be offered in several boost options — up to 140 hp.

Opel Frontera 2024.

In addition to purely petrol versions, we can also expect a “mild hybrid” in the range.

At the same time, it is possible that the car will also receive a full-fledged hybrid installation with an electric motor built into the eight-speed automatic.

Journalists believe that Crossland’s successor will be presented in the twenty-fourth, but the exact timing of the model’s debut on the market is still unknown.

Opel plans to release a new compact crossover in 2024, which will receive the revived name Frontera.

Opel Frontera 2024.

This model will replace the discontinued Opel Crossland and will be positioned as a competitor to the Renault Duster.

According to Opel top manager Uwe Hochgeschurz, the new product will take a place in the model range above the Mokka crossover.

Other details have not yet been disclosed; it is only known that the car will be released in 2024.

Presumably, the Frontera will be built on the Stellantis universal modular platform, which is suitable for gasoline, hybrid and electric models.

Opel Frontera 2024.

The design of the new crossover will be made in the corporate style of Opel with the iconic Vizor “mask”, as on the latest Astra and Mokka.

And the logo will be updated to match the brand’s newly unveiled logo.

Thus, the revival of the Frontera model will allow Opel to strengthen its position in the budget crossover segment and compete with popular models like the Dacia Duster.

More detailed information about this new product should appear closer to the start of production in 2024.


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