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Opel Mokka 2021.

Opel Mokka 2021

Opel Mokka 2021.

Opel Mokka 2021 in a new body — an electric version of the popular SUV.
Today, the Opel Mokka review is the first generation of a compact SUV, released under the banner of the French concern PSA after purchasing the brand from GM. As expected, the SUV was completely redesigned: put on a new trolley, developed a new body from scratch, gave it an excellent design and carried out massive electrification.

And what is noteworthy, the car will initially be released in an electric version with the Mokka-e nameplates, and only then it will be replenished with gasoline and diesel variations.

Opel Mokka 2021

Technical equipment

The French moved the crossover to the modular platform CMP, which is not surprising, given the patent squabbles around the MQB. Although this step is also explained by the electrification of the car, after all, CMP was originally developed to create hybrids.

In addition, the platform received a more rigid frame, which can bear the weight of the batteries without loss in strength.
But what the SUV lost is an all-wheel drive. All-wheel drive cars are not built a priori on the CMP. Now traction, like an electric motor, is only on the front axle. The batteries are classically dispersed along the bottom, thereby offering excellent balance and a low center of gravity.

In terms of technology, the Opel Mokka is unified with a sister hatch Corsa-e, which Opel introduced three months earlier. Under the hood, a 136-horsepower electric installation with 260 Hm revolutions. The motor helps Mokka-e reach speeds of up to 150 km / h. Acceleration dynamics are not given yet.

They talked about the battery in more detail. The capacity is so far non-alternative — 50 kWh. The range is around 322 km, and 11-kilowatt charging will help charge up to 80% in just half an hour.

Regarding ICE versions, they will also be unified, but with a similar SUV from Peugeot. The engine range will be represented by a gas turbo engine, a four-row aspirated and one turbodiesel.
As for the characteristics, nothing is yet known, since the models are still in development and will be shown separately already in 2021.

Opel Mokka 2021

Airborne equipment

Regarding on-board equipment, from the upcoming updates, the presence of adaptive cruise control and a huge digital panel in one unit with a virtual tidy is stated.

The rest is planned standard gradation of electronic systems, depending on the configuration:

light, rain and tire pressure sensors;
Electrical on every door;
Electric seats, ventilation and heating;
2-zone climate control;
Multifunction steering wheel;
Multimedia with support for mobile interfaces and an active Wi-Fi point;
6 airbags, etc.

If we talk about ICE versions, then, like the previous Mokka, they will still be related to state employees and we don’t have to wait for premium equipment.

Opel Mokka 2021

Body and dimensions

As already noted, the body is completely new, and even with increased strength characteristics. Mass deamericanization has benefited the new product. Now we have a practical and sophisticated German (or already French) with muscular arches, large wheels and short overhangs.

Of the positive aspects of the Opel Mokka 2021, it is also worth noting the coupe-shaped corner of the roof, the combined LED optics unit with a radiator grille and a bulging sports kit. The dimensions are also many changes.

With almost the same wheelbase, the length decreased by 200 mm, and the width, on the contrary, increased by 100 mm.
The diameter of the wheels will depend on the configuration. The maximum size of light alloys is 18 inches.

Opel Mokka 2021


Inside, everything, of course, is also new. No American plastic and a bunch of buttons. Now, in front of a joint unit of a virtual dashboard and a multimedia complex has formed. The tidy screen received a 12-inch diagonal, and the touchscreen multimedia 10 inches.

Despite this, the physical buttons are enough. In addition to the multi-wheel, on the center console, the manufacturer left the physical climate control panel. The central tunnel also has a pair of washers to control the music and driving modes.
As for the trunk, although the car has become wider, with a decrease in length had to cut usable space — 350 liters compared to the previous 356.


In terms of competition, the electric Mokka may become the most sought after electric car in Europe.
Only Korean car industry with their Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia Niro EV can squeeze it on the pedestal of the cheapest SUV with an adequate body design and interior volume.

Price and sales start date

So far, the electric car exists in one instance and is being intensively refined. And he was destined to get on the conveyor only at the end of the year. Dealers will receive Mokka only at the beginning of 2021. Pre-order will be available in the fall.

As for the price tag, they have so far called an indicative check in the amount of 2.7 million rubles. This is if we are talking about an electric car. Gasoline and diesel generations will have to cost almost half as much. And, by the way, the latter should lead to Russia.

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