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Polestar 6 2026.

Polestar 6 2026.

Polestar 6 2026.

Polestar 6: All-weather all-wheel-drive coupe-cabriolet with 884 hp.

This year’s Auto Week in Monterey, California, is particularly rich in new products for the beautiful life.

It is here that Polestar, a Swedish brand owned by the Chinese Geely holding company, announced that it would launch a concept coupe convertible into production, presented in March.

The new model is called Polestar 6. Production will start in 2026, but pre-orders are already open.

Polestar, the electric sports car brand, broke away from Volvo in 2017 and is now preparing several new products to reach sales of 290,000 cars per year by 2025.

The main markets for Polestar are Europe, the U.S. and China.

Now there are only a few versions of the compact Polestar 2 cross-country liftback in the Swedish brand’s model lineup.

In October there will be a premiere of a large coupe-shaped crossover Polestar 3, in 2023 the debut of a medium-sized crossover Polestar 4 is scheduled, in 2024 sports sedan Polestar 5 will enter the market.

Polestar 6 2026.

Polestar is developing its own aluminum platform for the sports sedan, which is also the basis for the concept Polestar O2, shown in March.

Today it was announced that in view of the excellent reaction of the public to the concept, it was decided to turn it into a production coupe-cabriolet Polestar 6.

We have to wait for the production version until 2026, but Polestar is already forming an order book for the debut batch of Polestar 6 LA Concept edition.

Polestar 6 2026.

It consists of 500 cars, which will most accurately replicate the design of the concept.

Promised particularly sky-blue color of the body, light interior and the original design of 21-inch wheel disks.

Whether cameras instead of mirrors will remain (at least as an option) is still unknown.

Expected price — 200 thousand U.S. dollars, but it can change given a number of hard-to-predict factors at the moment.

Polestar 6 2026.

To place a pre-order, we need to make a deposit of 25 thousand dollars.

The Polestar 6 has a 2+2 seating arrangement. The mechanism of folding the roof is not yet shown.

The stern, as in the Polestar 5 sedan, has no rear window, but a transparent section of the unfolded roof goes behind the heads of the second row passengers.

The interior is finished only with environmentally friendly materials. The design is in the best traditions of Scandinavian minimalism.

The power plant with 800-volt architecture in the coupe-cabriolet is the same as in the sedan: two electric motors (one on each axle) deliver a total of 650 kW (884 hp) and 900 Nm.

Polestar 6 2026.

Expected acceleration time to 100 km/h is 3.2 seconds, the maximum speed will be limited at 250 km/h.

The battery capacity is not named, but it is indicated that its full charge should be enough for 600 km of travel on the WLTP cycle.

The coupe-cabriolet body is now quite rare, many companies have abandoned it because of the high weight and high cost.

The Swedish brand, apparently, wants to emphasize the versatility of its sports car and readiness to operate in long winter conditions.

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