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Rimac Nevera 2022.

Rimac Nevera 2022.

Rimac Nevera 2022.

Rimac Nevera 2022. Rimac Nevera — few people know, but this is the coolest electric car for 2 million euros.
There is a Croatian businessman named Mate Rimac.

At one time, he really wanted to create a really fast car and make it the best in the world. Have you heard that if you really want something, it will definitely come true?

So Rimats himself proved this statement. You can say as much as you like that if you have money, you can do anything you want.

On the one hand, the statement is true, only there are people much richer than him and even automakers with bottomless budgets, but they did not succeed.

It took our hero about 20 years to come to what he has. It is an engineering center with over 1000 employees that develops automobiles and is used by many luxury car manufacturers.

And now he also has the coolest electric hypercar of our time. Does Rimatsu have something to be proud of? Let’s figure it out.

Rimac electric cars

The new car is already the third for the ambitious entrepreneur. It all started when his company released the Rimac Concept One prototype in 2011.

Rimac Nevera 2022.

He became the first car of the company. The history of the car was a little complicated. It never became serial, was very expensive, did not sell very well, and gained the greatest fame after the release of one of the episodes of The Grand Tour.

In it, Richard Hammond (one of the hosts of the show) badly crashed a car, after which it caught fire.

Eight years later, the second generation of the “concept” saw the light, and here things also did not go uphill, since the fine-tuning of the car was never completed.

And either the company abandoned it, or was satisfied with the result, or maybe it even decided that it had received enough experience and best practices to switch to a much more ambitious project.

And now, at a new plant, which has opened near Zagreb, the production of an electric hypercar begins with characteristics that on paper seem simply incredible. But in practice, the car shows itself very, very well.

What is Rimac Nevera

The machine, which was the result of the work of hundreds of people, was named Rimac Nevera. This is not just a combination of letters, but the name of the company, which coincides with the surname of the founder, and the name of the hurricane in Croatia.

Rimac Nevera 2022.

Nevera is the name of a hurricane that occurs mainly in the Croatian Adriatic and is sometimes called “Greetings from Italy”. More dangerous and more unpredictable than it is considered only hurricane «borax», which also occurs in this area.

The most streamlined car

The car has a two-door coupe body and has a lot in common with the Concept Two model. However, to think that this is the marketing name of the old car is fundamentally wrong, since it has a different configuration of air intakes, hinged elements and even diffuser elements.

As a result, the aerodynamic efficiency of the car increased by more than a third.

Since sports cars run around the track and are individually tuned for each race, and because of the complexity of the adjustable aerodynamics, it is forbidden or simply does not make sense.

Civilian vehicles work differently. They run in different modes and are simply used in the city. Also, their drivers do not have the capabilities of professional racers and they need to offer adaptive aerodynamics for greater comfort and safety.

And also, in all honesty, to justify the high price.
As a result, Rimac Nevera received not only a movable rear wing, the ability to change the geometry of the bottom and adjustable front air intakes.

There’s even the option of adjusting the diffuser at the rear of the underbody, which generates most of the downforce when properly adjusted.

The toughest EV body

Since this is a fast car, no matter what type of drive it drives (internal combustion engine or electric traction), it must be well cooled.

Rimac Nevera 2022.

For this, the possibility of cooling has also been worked out. At high speed it was increased by 7% relative to the Concept Two, and at low speed by 30%. In this case, the drag coefficient in the high-speed configuration is 0.3.

Naturally, the body of such a powerful car is based on a monocoque that protects the driver and passenger.

The company even says it’s not just a single carbon fiber part — it can’t be otherwise — but the largest of its kind in the world of the automotive industry.

This monocoque weighs 200 kilograms and has a very high torsional rigidity — 70,000 Nm per degree. This is the best indicator for cars in the world. The battery built into the frame also contributed to the rigidity.

As for the suspension, it is also adaptive. The design is double-wishbone, and the shock absorbers can change their properties depending on the operating conditions.

But this is all pretty standard, but the steering wheel, which has no direct connection with the wheels, appeared only in this version of the car. That is, everything goes by wires and there is no direct connection with the wheels.

The most powerful electric car

The car’s drive is based on 4 electric motors — one for each wheel. They have different capacities. If the rear give out 612 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque, then the front “only” 340 horsepower and 280 Nm of torque. In total, this is 1914 hp. and 2360 Nm.

In the design of each motor, a single-stage gearbox is provided, although initially two-stage ones were planned for the rear ones, like the Concept Two. We discarded them to reduce and obtain additional volume. The car is road.

Rimac Nevera 2022.

Such characteristics of the power plants give the car the ability to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in just 1.85 seconds.

The car covers a quarter mile in 8.6 seconds (a few seconds faster than the hybrid Ferrari Stradale), and it accelerates 300 kilometers per hour in just 9.3 seconds (faster than the lion’s share of mass road cars to 100 km / h).

In total, the declared maximum speed of the Rimac Nevera is 412 km / h, and the maximum cruising range is 550 kilometers. For such an impressive hypercar with fast charging capability, this is a very good result.

Rimac Nevera Electric Vehicle Battery

For energy storage, a 120 kWh battery is used and supports charging with a maximum power of 500 kW.

As a result, in just 19 minutes you can fill it by 80%. In order to better fit into the design, the battery is T-shaped. Its weight has not been reported, but there is simply no doubt that it is very heavy.

The total curb weight of the car is an impressive 2,150 kilograms.

To stop the car, carbon-ceramic discs with a diameter of 390 mm are used, driven by six-piston movements from Brembo.

Not without an energy recovery system, which is combined with the company’s own development — the R-AWTV 2 system.

It allows you to control traction not only to achieve maximum speed or fast acceleration, but also to simulate the operation of traction control and anti-lock braking systems. And it is this system that provides support for seven driving modes.

How much is the most expensive electric car Rimac Nevera

Now comes the fun part! The price of this monster is an impressive 2 million euros. Although production is considered serial, in fact only 150 cars will be produced. The company informs that Mate Rimac will personally test each copy before sending it to the buyer.

Buyers decide whether this is a lot or not enough for such a machine. But such characteristics will appeal to many.

Moreover, the car will also receive a driving assistance system and even a learning function for passing some race tracks. To do this, she was equipped with twelve ultrasonic sensors, thirteen cameras and six radars.

It all works together and the software can be updated over the air. That is, it is not only a sports equipment, but also a gadget, like any other electric car.

The company does not plan to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and is already designing several more models of cars, and at the same time is working on the opening of a huge research center worth about 200 million euros.

It’s nice that in our time the possibility of the appearance of «garage» is becoming more and more real. Rimac is not really a «garage», but it is difficult to call it a large company, despite the participation of Porsche and Hyundai.

Moreover, its history began relatively recently from scratch and the very garage in which Mate Rimac was remaking his old BMW for electric traction.

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