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Suzuki S-Presso 2021.

Suzuki S-Presso 2021.

Suzuki S-Presso 2021.

The 2021 Suzuki S-Presso is arguably the most original crossover in the global market.

The main feature of the Japanese model is not a non-standard body or ultra-compact dimensions.

The most important feature of this crossover is the price: the basic version of the S-Presso costs 407 thousand rubles, which makes it the most affordable SUV, devoid of direct competitors.

The car is equipped with a liter engine. Moreover, this unit in a number of modifications is supplemented with gas equipment.

As standard with the Japanese model, they offer a manual transmission, mechanical adjustable seats of the first row and lumbar support.

Optionally, the S-Presso is complemented by an audio system and other equipment. At the same time, when buying a Japanese model, one cannot count on «rich» onboard equipment.

On the other hand, after the modernization, the crossover has increased the level of passive safety.

Options and prices

The 2021 Suzuki S-Presso has not received the new body that buyers have long been expecting.

Externally, the car in this version, judging by the published photos, is no different from its predecessor.

However, the manufacturer revised the previously available configurations, which led to higher prices.

At the same time, Suzuki has adjusted the technical characteristics: the Japanese model, as noted, is now equipped with an engine that consumes natural gas. In addition, the manufacturer has slightly expanded the list of optional equipment.

Suzuki S-Presso 2021.


The basic Japanese model costs 407 thousand rubles. This amount includes:

5-speed manual gearbox;
halogen front and rear lights;
salon lamp supporting 3 operating modes;
salon heater;
power steering;
anti-lock braking system with the function of redistribution of efforts;
overspeed warning system;
engine immobilizer.

In the initial version of the 2021 Suzuki S-Presso, you can find rear parking sensors, a seat belt pretensioner with force limiter and a digital display in the instrument panel.

The seats of this model are finished with fabric by default. The position of the driver’s and passenger’s seats can only be adjusted manually.


At a price of 427 thousand rubles, the second configuration is available. Together with it, buyers of the Japanese crossover receive:

engine running on petrol or gas (optional);
automatic transmission (optional);
two-section head optics;
front power windows;
keyless entry system to the salon;
audio system with two speakers and support for Bluetooth.

One USB port appears in the cabin of the Japanese model. The front and rear seats in this configuration can be folded, thereby increasing the volume of the luggage compartment.

In this modification, there are warning systems for the raised parking brake lever and automatic door locking after the start of movement.

Suzuki S-Presso 2021.


Suzuki S-Presso 2021 in the top-end version costs at least 451 thousand rubles. In this configuration, there are several decorative (mostly black) elements that adorn the body of the Japanese crossover.

On the center console, the manufacturer has placed silver details that enhance the appearance of the interior space.

Despite the declared price, along with the S-Presso, you can purchase a full-fledged multimedia complex, which includes a 7-inch touchscreen monitor, support for mobile technology on iOS and Android.

In addition, the place of the standard steering wheel is occupied by a multifunctional steering wheel with built-in electronics control keys.


The basis of the 2021 Suzuki S-Presso is the Heartec platform familiar to fans of the Japanese brand, which has undergone a number of significant changes.

First of all, the manufacturer simplified its design by placing MacPherson struts in the front and a torsion bar in the back.

Coil springs complement the suspension in a circle. The Japanese crossover has ventilated disc brakes in front, drum brakes in the back.

The total length of the car reaches 3565 mm with a wheelbase of 2380 mm. The crossover is 1520 mm wide and 1564 mm high.

Suzuki S-Presso 2021.

The S-Presso comes with a 1 liter naturally aspirated engine only. Its declared maximum power reaches 67 hp. with a torque of 90 N * m.

A choice of mechanical and automatic gearboxes is offered with this unit. Four-wheel drive is not available for the Japanese model.

Handling and off-road performance

When assessing the performance of the S-Presso, it should be immediately clarified that the Japanese crossover has a very simple design.

It should also be noted that the weight of the car almost reaches 800 kilograms. This means that strong side gusts of wind or trucks passing nearby can move the S-Presso out of the occupied lane.

Moreover, the Japanese model is devoid of any electronics that could prevent such consequences.

The same applies to the likelihood of skidding: the SUV is not equipped with a stabilization system or other similar devices.

However, the crossover is equipped with a low-power engine, which partially eliminates these disadvantages.

A car with such a unit is not capable of accelerating to high speeds, which reduces the risk of drifts.

The steering mechanism of the S-Presso does not differ in high-quality recoil, but at the same time it allows you to control the machine without applying noticeable effort. The suspension is able to «absorb» the usual road bumps.

S-Presso was created especially for the city. This, in particular, can be traced in its compact dimensions, allowing the crossover to successfully maneuver on narrow streets or in a dense traffic of cars.

The declared turning radius does not exceed 4.5 meters. But because of this feature, the Suzuki S-Presso is completely unsuitable for off-road use.

Service costs

Suzuki has developed the S-Presso for the Indian and other emerging markets. In this regard, it is impossible to estimate even approximately the cost of servicing the crossover.

But if we consider that the basis for the S-Presso is the platform known from other Suzuki models, we can assume that this SUV is distinguished by a reliable design.

The same goes for the engine with gearboxes. Moreover, the power unit is designed for periodic consumption of low-quality fuel, which also contributes to an increase in its service life.

Suzuki S-Presso 2021.

Dynamic characteristics and fuel consumption

The manufacturer does not disclose the dynamic performance of S-Presso. But it is known that a standard liter engine consumes on average up to 4.7 liters of fuel. The fuel efficiency of the power unit with gas equipment has not yet been announced.


Suzuki S-Presso is designed in the style characteristic of the Japanese brand, providing an abundance of square and rectangular parts both on the body and in the cabin.

But partly due to its compact size, this crossover has a unique design. The car is equipped with wheel rims with a radius of 14 inches, which seem barely noticeable against the background of a voluminous body, complemented by embossed side arches.

In front of the S-Presso there is a large optics for such a crossover, from which a narrow radiator grill with four trapezoidal metal inserts departs.

The high front bumper is visually divided into 2 segments. At the top, a compact air intake and fog lights are provided, which are placed in separate niches. The lower segment is made of unpainted plastic.

The stern of the Japanese model stands out due to the sheer line of the tailgate, which bends at a rather sharp angle at the point where the glass begins. Moreover, the bumper is flush with the rear of the body.

The salon at S-Presso is designed as simply as possible. But at the same time, there are several contrasting decorative inserts inside that run along the perimeter of the airflow deflectors and the center console.

The latter is presented in the form of a large circle, inside of which a digital instrument panel and a touchscreen monitor are placed in the corresponding niches.

Below them there is a control unit for the air conditioning system. The front and rear seats do not provide a comfortable seating position. This is largely due to their simple design.

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