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Tesla Roadster 2020.

Tesla Roadster 2020.

Tesla Roadster 2020.

2020 Tesla Roadster made its debut surprise. Acceleration 0-97 km / h — 1.9 sec
Tesla Roadster 2020, when it goes on sale, may be considered the fastest car. A powerful electric power plant, the power of which is not known for certain, provides it with acceleration from 0 to 96 km / h in 1.9 seconds. By this indicator, the electric car is ahead of the gasoline hypercar Bugatti Chiron. The maximum speed of the Roadster will exceed 400 km / h.

Tesla Roadster 2020


The estimated cost of the future news will be from 200,000 US dollars or from 11,800,000 rubles at the current rate.

According to eyewitnesses, a copy of the Tesla Roadster 2020 on US roads was managed by the company’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen. It is unlikely that at this moment he is testing a car with a body of Targ. Perhaps he just decided to feel new emotions.

What can we see today, you ask? Again, Tesla and another sports car of the company, which was never able to make the car electrically massive, contrary to the huge hopes of a large army of adherent hamsters. In connection with this course of circumstances, the company, like many similar competitors, reoriented itself to the bottom of expensive small-scale sports cars with space characteristics.

However, last Thursday they were still able to make my skeptical character choke if all of the following turns out to be not only marketing figures presented against the backdrop of company losses, but also the truth.

Tesla claims that the new Tesla Roadster in the two-door coupe version has the following characteristics:

Tesla Roadster 2020.


0-97 km.h. — 1.9 seconds
0-160 km.h. — 4.1 seconds
and, a quarter of a mile, a sports car overcomes in 8.9 seconds.

The new 200-kilowatt battery is designed for a maximum distance of more than 700 km.

Maximum speed:
Data are not yet available, but it is easy to guess, it is more than 250 km / h.

10 000 nm

Despite only 2 doors, 4 seats are planned for landing, and the roof is removable, which should please wind lovers in the face.

Musk also announced that sales of the new Tesla will begin in 2020, and the price starts at $ 250,000. Given today’s problems with production, I am again skeptical of their optimistic promises, but if this happens, I solemnly got up in the morning, wash my face with red wine and run to look for money to buy this car.

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