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Toyota Camry Wagon 2022.

Toyota Camry Wagon 2022.

Toyota Camry Wagon 2022.

Toyota may start production of Camry as a station wagon.

When it comes to the Toyota Camry, almost all car enthusiasts unmistakably imagine the well-known business sedan.

It has been produced for many years and is rightly considered a flagship in its segment.

At the same time, many auto experts suggest that this model could be very successful if the manufacturer decided to produce it in the wagon body as well.

Renders, which shows the Toyota Camry Wagon 2022, and were shown the day before in the network.

According to experts, the appearance on the market Camry station wagon version, would create serious competition to such models as Skoda Superb and Volkswagen Passat, also offered on the market in a similar body.

If we talk directly about the created rendering, the car shown on it has quite an expected performance.

Toyota Camry Wagon 2022.

The front part of the body does not differ from the usual sedan. But from the side the car stands out due to a longer roof line.

Behind the Camry Wagon looks like a station wagon. Here there is a fifth door for luggage compartment, and a spoiler, which is a visual continuation of the roof

Toyota Camry Wagon 2022.

Naturally, the trunk in this version of the Japanese car will be much bigger than in the usual sedan.

According to the author of renders, the novelty could be equipped with a 3.6-liter engine, giving out power of 297 horsepower.

Toyota Camry Wagon 2022.

Such a motor is able to provide the car with decent dynamics.

Of course, no official information about the plans of the manufacturer to organize the production of the Camry in the body of a station wagon is not yet available, but experts do not exclude the possibility of creating a Japanese model in this design already the next change of generations of the car.

Toyota Camry Wagon 2022.

The Camry is in good demand both in the world as a whole, and in Russia in particular, consistently ranking among the top most popular cars on the market.

At the same time, the model is still available only in one type of body, but we have presented another variant of performance, which could become very relevant.

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