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Toyota Camry XV70 2022.

Toyota Camry XV70 2022.

Toyota Camry XV70 2022.

Toyota Camry XV70 2022. In 2017, a new Toyota Camry XV70 was released, the demand for which is only growing as always. This is the eighth generation, to which there are many claims.

Today we will explore all aspects of the new Japanese business class and talk about the disadvantages that make it worse than the XV50.

The model is presented at the Detroit Auto Show, and a year later it entered the Russian market, where it is very much loved.

This time, we got rid of the American and European versions, which previously differed globally. There are many changes here, but some parts have remained the same.

Design Toyota Camry XV70 2022.

This is the strongest side of the new sedan, if earlier Toyota lagged behind competitors by doing something more conservative. Now she has become equal to competitors, and even bypassed some.

At the front, the car has received new narrow full LED headlights, between which there is a recessed line with the company logo.

Much of the bumper of the new 2021 Camry now consists of a convex grille with stylish lines. Below, the PTFs are deepened, and then the bumper rushes forward, forming a semblance of a lip.

Sideways surprise continues. The very shape of the sedan looks unusual, with its recess in the hood and swelling of the rear with powerful struts.

Toyota Camry XV70 2022.

The wheel arches were inflated quite well, giving muscularity. The arches in the base are equipped with 16-inch wheels, and at the top they will put 18-inch ones.

The top line, cutting through the door handles and of course the powerful rear-view mirror on the leg, deserves special attention.

At the rear, there is a convex understatement of the fenders, which makes the trunk lid raised. The cover itself looks beautiful, forming a small anti-wing by its shape.

The LED taillights are also narrow, and at night they accentuate the austerity of the shapes. The bumper received convex shapes, deepening from top to bottom — in the places of the plastic lining and the installation of reflectors.

Dimensions sedan Toyota Camry:

length — 4879 mm;
width — 1839 mm;
height — 1445 mm;
wheelbase — 2825 mm;
clearance — 160 mm.

The Russian market is limited to only 6 colors: white, black, gray-brown, silver, dark blue, white mother-of-pearl.

Toyota Camry XV70 2022.

The appearance turned out to be gorgeous, thus the Japanese are trying to capture a young audience, which will expand sales. There have been cases when the owners handed over the new Mazda 6 to trade-in and took the «Dream for Management». But, there are claims to the design, which are at the end.

Down with conservatism — salon

Inside, everything has changed except for the steering wheel, although it also has light innovations. The upholstery uses leather (black or beige), soft plastic and false wood inserts. There are many complaints about the build quality. Here the manufacturer has moved towards functionality.

The other seats were placed in front, architecture of a sporty anatomical style. The seats of the Toyota Camry 2021 are soft, comfortable, electrically adjustable, heated and ventilated at the top.

Of course, there is a lot of free space behind, but before the car was the leader in rear row space, now it is not. In the top, the folding center armrest receives touch-sensitive buttons for adjusting the backrest angle, heating and its own climate control.

The first thing the driver sees is a 3-spoke multi-steering wheel, behind which a dashboard with in-depth analog gauges and a central 7-inch screen. A 10-inch projection is installed at the top.

Toyota Camry XV70 2022.

Most visually, people liked the center console with its glossy panel, triangular outline, in general, the photo will say more. The glossy console houses an 8-inch Toyota Entune 3.0 multimedia display.

An intuitive climate control unit is inserted below, which is 3-zone in the top. The Camry’s glossy dashboard looks nice, but it claps a lot.

Optionally, the sedan’s audio system gets 10 speakers and a JBL subwoofer. The system is complemented by Clari-Fi technology, which analyzes the track and restores its quality.

The central tunnel, together with the console transition, looks stylish. At its base is a platform with wireless charging. Next is the gearshift lever, a pair of cup holders, driving mode selection buttons and an electronic handbrake.

Let’s go straight to the suspension, because this is the most important innovation. The car moved to the new modular platform TNGA, or rather its modification GA-K.

The front suspension is MacPherson struts, and the rear is multi-link architecture. Thus, the engineers shifted the focus from the roll couch to handling.

In reality, the sedan began to steer better, which was helped by a more informative amplifier, but you quickly realize that cornering is a dangerous business. The Toyota Camry XV70 is far from European handling.

Toyota Camry XV70 2022.

The engine lineup remains the same.

Why did the speaker deteriorate with the same power, weight? No, ecological «collars», which can of course be cut out, but you will have to say goodbye to the guarantee.

By the way, a hybrid version is available for the rest of the markets, which has a 2.5-liter engine and an electric THS-II. The 2020-2021 Toyota Camry engine is mated to a variator box, and the power is in three versions: 178, 208, 218 horsepower.

The first engines were paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission, the top-end unit was destroying it with power, so it was supplied with an 8-speed Direct Shift-8AT automatic transmission. All versions are front wheel drive. Disc brakes with a pack of well-known security systems: ABS, VSC +, EBD, BAS, TCS, DAC.

Many dissatisfied — disadvantages

There are many negative reviews on the Internet, which agree on the only conclusion — a strong decline in quality. Starting from the body, the metal is easily perforated, as if it were made of «foil».

The same applies to the interior, for example, you can shake the central tunnel with your hands, or after six months you can lose the presentation of the leather sheathing or supposedly wooden inserts.

The car has never been the quietest, but here on the highway there is often a hiss from the mirrors and a lot of noise from the wheel arches.

Many faced in winter with the creak of the Camry windshield, which rubs against the plastic clips of the dashboard. After contacting dealers, they simply remove the clips, which are not technically useful — strange.

An unfortunate bias towards handling reduced the expected comfort from the eighth generation. A great smoothness of the course was expected. It was not possible to drive the car, understeer remained.

The installation of old motors is upsetting, but they showed themselves well, but I would like something new. Also surprising is the pricing of spare parts, in some places ahead of the Germans. The headlight, for example, costs 200 thousand rubles.


Yes, improvements to the design and functionality of the Japanese business class will bring many young buyers. The sales will still be great, but a lot of claims will seriously damage the brand’s reputation.

Whether or not you buy a Toyota Camry XV70 2021 depends on your goal. If you need a reliable and super-quality car that is slowly getting cheaper, then it can no longer provide it. If you just want a multifunctional, beautiful, relatively inexpensive business sedan — one of the best representatives of the market.

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