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Toyota Sequoia 2023.

Toyota Sequoia 2022.

Toyota Sequoia 2023.

Toyota Sequoia 2023. Toyota has spotted «something big»: most likely it is the new Sequoia SUV.

And in the next generation the all-terrain vehicle will obviously be a relative of the Tundra pickup, that is we expect a more powerful engine, a hybrid, and a luxury version.

The American division of Toyota has published a teaser of the new model.

The name has not yet been announced, the company only noted that the local SUV lineup will soon be «something big».

Meanwhile, if you download the picture from a press site in web-quality, you can see the inscription in the corner, which can be translated from English as «the forest and its trees are almost in sight.

And in Toyota’s range there is full-size all-terrain vehicle Sequoia.

Well and to dispel doubts: exactly not Land Cruiser 300 on the teaser («three-hundredth» will not appear in the States at all), 4Runner is considered as a mid-size.

In addition a few months ago debuted a new pickup truck Tundra, and Sequoia of two previous generations are made just on the basis of then trucks.

Toyota Sequoia 2023.

Recall, Toyota SUV of current generation in production since 2007, so it is not surprising that it is far behind its more recent competitors, although 2021 model ended in the «plus»: in the U.S. it was sold 8070 vehicles (+9.6%).

For comparison, the Nissan Armada (Patrol’s American relative) sold 22,814 units (+16%) over the same period, the Ford Expedition sold 81,988 (+5%), and the Chevrolet Tahoe sold 106,030 (+20%).

Toyota Sequoia 2023.

Apparently, like the last Toyota Tundra pickup, the Sequoia SUV has a new frame.

The stern is original — with diode lights floating on the luggage door instead of vertical blocks.

But the front end could be designed in the same style as its relative, in which case the Sequoia received a huge grille and «bent» headlights.

Toyota Sequoia 2023.

Interior also, most likely, is made in the spirit of the truck — with a large multimedia system touchscreen towering over the front panel.

Also the SUV could be equipped with a luxury version Capstone — again, as a pickup truck.

The new generation Tundra is equipped with gasoline twin-turbo V6 3.4 engine, the maximum output of which is 394 hp and 649 Nm.

Toyota Sequoia 2023.

The engine works with a 10ACP. Also the pickup comes as a hybrid with i-Force Max installation: such truck has an electric motor between V6 and 10-speed «automatic», the total capacity — 443 hp and 790 Nm.

Apparently, Sequoia will have similar equipment. The current SUV is offered with an atmospheric V8 5.7 (386 hp and 544 Nm) and six-speed automatic.

Full premiere of the new all-terrain vehicle will be in the next few months, but before that we can see some more teasers.

In Russia neither Tundra, nor Sequoia officially on sale, the company has no plans to bring these models to our country.

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