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Toyota Wildlander 2021.

Toyota Wildlander 2021.

Toyota Wildlander 2021.

Toyota Wildlander 2021: a crossover version of the budget employee.
Even before the release of the new model of the budget Japanese crossover — Toyota Wildlander 2021 — initiated a large number of reviews and comments.

In its category, the new product by classification is lower than the popular RAV 4. Nevertheless, the founder of the new model range will delight the owners with an affordable cost, driving characteristics corresponding to budget status and indicators of salon comfort.

The novelty takes into account the requests of drivers of different age groups, is convenient and low-cost in everyday use, therefore it has a real chance to take a leading position in its category.

The crossover of the first generation is made using modern technologies, as well as original technical and design solutions, allowing you to move the next restyling to a later date.

Toyota Wildlander 2021.


The appearance of the novelty, with the exception of certain details, is copied from the base model RAV 4. The Wilander model of 2021 differs from the prototype in increased dimensions, a large number of aerodynamic wave and sports stepped relief.

In the photo of the front end in the front projection, the new crossover demonstrates:

• raised sides of the hood;

• blocks of headlights with xenon fittings supplemented by LED running lights;

• X-shaped configuration of the radiator grill;

• large format of side ventilation diffusers located on the slopes of the front fenders.

The front end also includes round fog lamps, the lower part of the front with a built-in air intake, as well as a harmonious combination of wave and ribbed relief.

The classic canons of the RAV 4 crossover layout are used in the design of Wilander’s sidewalls. In profile, the crossover attracts attention with the optimal proportions of an elongated front end, an almost flat roof and a vertical cut of a short stern. The list of design features:

• high sills and black plastic frames for three-section windows;

• stylish for their class panoramic mirrors of the rear hemisphere;

• roomy doorways and rounded outlines of square wheel arches.

The crossover status of the new model is confirmed by the high ground clearance, short body kits and the presence of a plastic protective skirt on the lower perimeter of the body.

Toyota Wildlander 2021.

The stern of the Toyota Wildlander 2021 looks spectacular and elegant. In the field of vision — the traditional combination of a tilted window shaded with a spoiler and a vertical plane of the tailgate.

The stern design includes a diagonal arrangement of fog lamps installed on the sidewalls of a massive bumper and a pair of chrome-plated exhaust pipes integrated into the body kit


There is a direct resemblance of the new Wilander to the RAV 4 prototype in the design and equipment of the cabin volume. The finishing range is represented by high-quality fabrics, artificial and natural leather, facing plastic, as well as decorative inserts made of polished metal.

• The front panel offers an excellent overview of analogue dial gauges and an informative digital dashboard monitor, easy access to the standard options activation elements located on the center console.

• Command functions are assigned to the multifunction multifunction steering wheel buttons and a medium format media display located in the upper part of the dashboard.

• The composition of the technical and electronic equipment of the Toyota Wilander 2021 crossover meets the recommendations of European standards in terms of the main parameters.

The composition of the central tunnel is functional and practical. In the presence of a climate control panel, a well for small things, a transmission lever and a comfortable armrest that opens access to the volume of the mini-refrigerator.

Toyota Wildlander 2021.

The service of seats equipped with lateral support elements can be called typical. The front seats offer a standard set of adjustments, as well as ventilation and seat heating systems. The backrest recline function is available for the passengers of the rear sofa for three seats.

There is the possibility of doubling the volume of the 580-liter luggage compartment due to a simple conversion of the rear seats.


Due to the modernization of the front body kit, the length of the new crossover has increased by 65 mm, to 4665 mm. Width and height unchanged, respectively 1855 and 1680 mm. The new body is based on the TNGA K modular platform copied from the RAV 4.

The undercarriage with a base of 2690 mm is characterized by a fully independent comfortable suspension, a full range of disc brakes and extended functionality of road safety components.

• In the basic version, the crossover is equipped with a tandem of a two-liter petrol «four» with an output of 171 hp / 209 Nm of peak thrust and a front-wheel drive CVT transmission.

Toyota Wildlander 2021.

• The top engine will be an economical hybrid drive with a total output of over 200 hp.

The test drive showed that both power units demonstrate the starting-speed and consumption characteristics corresponding to their class. The exact data will be published after processing the results.

Options and prices

Depending on the level of equipment and the functionality of branded options, the price of the new crossover will be formed in the price range from 1.5 to 2.5 million rubles.

Competing models

The competitors are similar models of other brands, with price and performance characteristics — Nissan Qashqai and Hyundai Creta.

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