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Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021 — a new crossover with a hybrid engine.
Not so long ago, the Japanese already presented a compact crossover based on the Toyota Yaris — Yaris LX. Today, it is quite successfully implemented in the markets of third world countries and in the Middle Kingdom. In 2021, another SUV and again the B-class — Toyota Yaris Cross — will appear on the hatch cart.

Unlike the LX, it is planned to launch the new product on the European market and close the segment of motorists who did not like the latest design form factors of light Japanese cars.

Plus, in the budget category of SUVs from eminent manufacturers, there is now a slight deficit that Toyota will gladly make up for.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.


The first reason the Japanese count on success is that the new cross is a full-fledged hybrid, and the second — it will be quite cheap, because production will be concentrated in the very center of Europe, which, naturally, will cut logistics costs.

Also it is impossible not to mention that the novelty does not imply investments in development. It has the same platform as the branded hatch, the same engine and the THS II hybrid system. But first things first.

The trolley is the now popular TNGA, created specifically for the construction of hybrids. The crossover will receive a variation of GA-B, which can be observed in the updated hatch.

general characteristics, we have front-wheel drive, a built-in electric train directly into the chassis design, in front of the MacPherson system, rear wishbones with E-Four minimotor.

Also on board is a CVT variator, electric power steering and the proprietary complex of passive safety systems Safety Sense. By the way, the presence of a motor on the rear axle hardly makes the SUV all-wheel drive. Its inclusion is provided only in rare cases.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.

Returning to the hybrid design, the crossover received an internal combustion engine in the form of a 1.5-liter turbo engine for 90 hp, an electric motor on the front axle for 80 hp. and a small train for 5 hp on the back.

In the dry residue, the Yaris Cross will give up to 116 hp. And since we are talking about a hybrid for the European market, one can not help but mention that CO2 emissions are only 90 g / km, and the consumption is about 3.4 liters.

It is also reported that the company has plans to bring to the market even cheaper crossover options, equipped only with ICE engines. It’s about a 98 hp subcompact and the turbo engine mentioned above.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.


Contrary to expectations, this is not the case when the hatch was simply raised clearance, cut out large puffed arches and put on new wheels. In terms of exterior, Yaris Cross is a completely independent model.

By the way, if the feed is still quite similar to the rest of the company’s lineup, then the front part is designed from scratch. In the spirit of the SUV-style, it received a very cumbersome proportions and architecture, C-shaped slots on the sides and additional lights at the bottom of the bumper.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.

Everything looks quite aesthetically pleasing and not as urbanistic as the latest brand models.
Enormous, plastic-protected, wheel arches that hold 20-inch wheels (18-inch from the factory) are striking from the side. It is also worth noting that the nameplates with the model name are also available on the doorsteps.

The feed, as already mentioned, is made in the corporate style with a constant LED bridge. In addition, you can pay attention to a very muscular spoiler and completely hidden exhaust pipes.
In terms of dimensions, the crossover expectedly received a modest outline.


Regarding the interior, in front of us is an exact copy of the last hatch. Upon careful examination, there were only three differences: a different tidy interface, a new climate panel and other maps on the doors.

Otherwise, there is a symmetrical interior with an 8-inch touchscreen in the center, a simple torpedo in architecture, a simple central tunnel, ergonomic trivial seats and, what is especially striking, a multifunctional powerful steering wheel.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.


Interestingly, Toyota has high hopes for the new product, which may indicate a rather serious competitive advantage for the Yaris SUV. According to the company, the sales bar is at the level of 150 thousand cars per year, which is 8% of the total share of European sales in this segment.

But for now, these are only plans, because in this segment, although there are few representatives, those that are strong enough to block oxygen for the Japanese. Among them are the French Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008, as well as the German in the person of Volkswagen T-Roc.

Price and sales start date

The production of a hybrid SUV is planned to be launched by the end of 2020 in France in the city of Valenciennes, where the concern has a TMMF plant.
The start of sales will be in 2021. The exact date is unknown, as is the final price tag.

The only thing so far can be assumed that it will be slightly higher than a similar hybrid hatch for which they ask from 900,000 rubles.

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