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UAZ Russian Prado 2020-2021.

UAZ Russian Prado 2020-2021.

UAZ Russian Prado 2020-2021.

Russian «Prado»: all the details about the main premiere of the automotive industry
A new frame, a petrol turbo engine and synchronization with a smartphone — what the new SUV from UAZ will be like.

Certification images of a new family of ZMZ engines have appeared on the Rospatent website. These motors will primarily be installed on the new UAZ SUV, which, at the suggestion of the head of Sollers, Vadim Shvetsov, was called the «Russian Prado».

It seems that now there are no more secrets left about the upcoming new product from Ulyanovsk. Let’s figure out what the new UAZ flagship will be like.

It will have a new frame.

Speaking of the «Russian Prado», everyone understands perfectly well that we are talking about a new generation of Patriot SUV. Moreover, it will be based on a new frame.

UAZ Russian Prado 2020-2021.

It will also be of a ladder type, however, for the sake of increasing the level of passive safety, it will receive a new scheme and become stiffer and stronger. And we hope that it will prove to be more resistant to corrosion than the frame of the current Patriot.

Accordingly, the chassis architecture will also change. After all, parts of the chassis, transmission and power plant units will have new attachment points to the frame and body. So, the front suspension will be completely independent.

At the same time, the car will retain an honest off-road design: the rear axle, a transfer case with a center lock, a lowered row and a rear cross-wheel differential lock will not go anywhere.

Diesel is not worth waiting for

No matter how buyers complained about the lack of a diesel engine, the Patriot with Iveco and ZMZ-514 engines turned out to be very expensive and did not sell well. So the appearance of a heavy fuel engine on the «Russian Prado» is unlikely.

UAZ Russian Prado 2020-2021.

At least at the initial stage of production. Although earlier rumors circulated that a 2.2-liter turbodiesel, which is installed on the Ford Transit produced in Yelabuga, could be prescribed under the hood of the new Patriot. However, this information has not been confirmed.

As for the new gasoline engines, the certificates in the Rospatent database do not reveal all the technical details. However, much is already known about their main characteristics: there are two of them, and both motors are based on the ZMZ-409 unit. From him, they inherited a cast iron cylinder block.

The basic version is a 2.5-liter «aspirated» 150 hp. and a maximum torque of 235 Nm. In terms of these indicators, it is comparable to the current 2.7-liter engine of the Patriot. However, due to the smaller displacement and a different design of the intake and exhaust, it should be more economical and comply with Euro 6 standards.

The older engine is a 2.3-liter turbo engine with two stages of boost. Initially, it will produce 150 hp. and 330 Nm of torque, and in the top-end — already 170 forces and 350 Nm.

All motors will be able to be combined with both the new six-speed mechanics supplied by the Chinese concern BAIC, and the six-speed automatic Punch Powerglide, which is already offered at the Patriot.

UAZ Russian Prado 2020-2021.

He will receive a design in the style of the current «Patriot»

No matter how the Ulyanovsk plant tries to hide the appearance of the new model, thanks to the Rospatent website, many of the exterior details have already appeared on the certification images.

First, images of bumpers and false radiator grilles of the car appeared, and later even the stern and front end entirely. Based on these publications, there is already a detailed understanding of the general design lines of the new SUV.

It will preserve the continuity of style and will look like an evolutionary development of the Patriot.

Moreover, some images of the car show the body pillars and the car’s glass line. They are similar to those of the current Patriot, so it can be assumed that the power structure of the body will remain the same.

This means that the overall dimensions and volume of the cabin will be at the same level.

It will be UAZ with the richest equipment

As is the case with the exterior, many of the interior details of the new Patriot are no longer a secret. The cabin will have a new front panel with more modern architecture, as well as multimedia with a touch display.

In addition to the touchscreen on the center console, there will be new blocks of buttons for controlling the air conditioner, interior equipment such as heated windows, seats and steering wheel, as well as control keys for the all-wheel drive transmission.

Below, on the tide of the console, there will be a manual gear lever or a machine selector, depending on the version of the car, as well as a platform for wireless charging of smartphones.

But much more surprising is the set of optional equipment and driver’s assistants available for the future novelty.

It is expected that the «Russian Prado» will receive adaptive cruise control, an electric parking brake with an Auto Hold function, a downhill assist system, all-round view cameras, a road sign recognition system and tracking the lane markings, as well as an automatic light that can sensors independently switch from low beam to high beam and vice versa.

In addition, it will be possible to order the Connected Car system for the car, which allows you to monitor the car at a distance and control some functions using an application on a smartphone.

UAZ Russian Prado 2020-2021.

It will be cheaper than competitors, but expensive for UAZ.

There are no exact prices for the upcoming new product yet, and they are unlikely to be announced before the official debut of the car. However, in the spring of last year, the head of Sollers, Vadim Shvetsov, together with a statement about the development of the «Russian Prado», hinted at the approximate price of the novelty.

Then they were announced that the average cost of the Russian analogue of the Land Cruiser Prado would be about 1.5 million rubles.

Since then, there have been no new statements on this score, so it can be assumed that the price for the basic version of the future UAZ Patriot will start from 1.2-1.3 million rubles, and the cost of the top versions with maximum equipment should not exceed 1, 7-1.8 million rubles.

In comparison with the Land Cruiser Prado, the price list of the future UAZ novelty will be very attractive. After all, the price of a Japanese SUV starts at 2.65 million rubles and can reach 4.5 million rubles.

At the same time, the current generation «Patriot» is offered at a price of 928,000 rubles. for the initial complete set «Classic» and from 1,390,000 rubles. for the richest version of «Status Automatic».

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