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Volkswagen ID.GTI 2023.

Volkswagen ID.GTI 2023.

Volkswagen introduced the concept of a «charged» Volkswagen ID.GTI hatchback.

The German brand has just unveiled the Volkswagen ID.GTI concept and made an announcement about the upcoming electric hot hatch.

The novelty has retro instruments in the cabin, black trim and an augmented reality windshield that displays a race track layout, not unlike a video game.

Are you ready for the typical «hot» hatchback to go electric? Volkswagen is preparing something new and interesting, and even in a retro theme.

The GTI Concept at IAA Mobility 2023 aims to connect GTI’s 48-year history of combustion engines with VW’s electric future.

If the red car pictured here looks familiar, you’re probably thinking of the VW ID. 2all Concept, which debuted earlier this year.

The similarities are no coincidence: Volkswagen designers actually had the GTI in mind when developing this concept, and so you’ll find almost the same features here, albeit with black and red trim.

Volkswagen ID.GTI 2023.

It has a sportier fascia front and rear, and the wheels are borrowed from the Mk1 GTI.

The taillights are darker and the fender matches the black trim around the window. The grille is also blacked out with red trim, and naturally you’ll see the GTI logo all over the place.

Volkswagen ID.GTI 2023.

And now we would like to tell you about what is hidden under the hood of this colorful red hatchback.

At this point, VW can’t say much other than that it’s a single-engine, high-performance powerplant with an electronic differential lock for the front wheels.

It also offers a wide range of customization with GTI Experience Control, which can adjust everything from suspension to steering feel, sound, and even create simulated shift points to mimic GTIs from decades past.

During the Munich Motor Show, the official presentation of the concept of the new Volkswagen ID.GTI electric car took place.

Volkswagen ID.GTI 2023.

Judging by the shape of the body and dimensions, this model may eventually replace the Golf GTI and other variations of the sports hatchback.

True, representatives of the German brand noted that a whole line of electric GTI models will be created on the basis of the presented concept.

The car is based on the standard MEB architecture, created by the manufacturer for various electric cars (photo: Volkswagen).

It is reported that the serial version of the presented concept will debut within the next 2-3 years.

Volkswagen ID.GTI 2023.

However, the German company does not disclose any specific information about the future novelty.

The only thing that its representatives said is that the serial execution of the concept will retain the sporting spirit and technological superiority. In this case, the car will be available.

The debuting concept itself is built on the basis of the previously shown ID.2all prototype.

The latter, as previously reported, can form the basis of future budget electric cars of the German brand, which will cost about 25 thousand euros.


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