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Volkswagen Passat B9 2024.

Volkswagen Passat B9 2024.

Volkswagen Passat B9 2024.

The new Volkswagen Passat B9 sedan: what it could be.

At the end of summer, the official premiere of the new generation Passat model took place, which will now be offered only as a station wagon.

We decided to imagine what a classic sedan version of a car might look like.

The Passat family of mid-size cars dates back to 1973.

Over half a century, the model was produced in eight generations, and in each of them (except the very first) the Passat was offered with a four-door body.

The ninth generation, presented at the very end of last summer, broke this tradition and will be exclusively a station wagon.

It is believed that the cessation of sedan production (which occurred in Europe last year) is due to a drop in demand and the outflow of buyers to the crossover segment).

However, in many markets there is still interest in this type of body, for example, in China and Russia, despite the significantly reduced supply of such cars.

Volkswagen Passat B9 2024.

The sedan depicted in the renderings is made according to the canons of previous generations of the Passat model.

One of the characteristic features of the last several generations is the distinctive shape of the rear pillars, similar to the “Hofmeister bend” used for many years on BMW models.

Volkswagen Passat B9 2024.

Another distinctive feature of sedans is the license plate niche located on the rear bumper and an almost flat trunk lid.

In this case, in order to save money, standard station wagon lamps can be used.

The new Volkswagen Passat with the factory index B9 is built on a modified MQB platform with the Evo prefix.

Volkswagen Passat B9 2024.

Now, as an option for the station wagon, the DCC Pro adaptive suspension is provided: the new shock absorbers have two controlled valves — for compression and rebound.

The Passat retains pure petrol and diesel options. The first line includes the 2.0 TSI with 204 or 265 hp, and the 2.0 TDI turbodiesel can be had in three versions — 122, 155 or 193 hp.

Volkswagen Passat B9 2024.

All modifications are equipped exclusively with a 7-speed DSG robotic gearbox, while the most powerful variants are equipped with 4Motion all-wheel drive.

There are also hybrid modifications — both “soft” and rechargeable.

By the way, in the near future the regular Passat station wagon may be joined by an all-terrain version of the Alltrack.


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