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Lucid Air Pure RWD 2024.

Lucid Air Pure RWD 2024.

Lucid Air Pure RWD 2024.

Lucid Air Pure RWD 2024. Lucid presented its most affordable car, Air Pure RWD, for 7.7 million rubles.

The new Air Pure RWD features Lucid’s smallest battery to date, but still offers a range of up to 660 km and accelerates to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds.

Lucid has tried to make its all-electric sedan even more attractive to car enthusiasts by introducing a new entry-level model to the lineup.

The starting price of Air Pure RWD is $77,400 or 7.7 million rubles. It provides drivers with a range of up to 660 km.

The power of the base version is provided by a single 430 hp engine, allowing the car to accelerate to 96 km/h in 4.5 seconds.

It joins the Air Pure AWD model, which is equipped with two engines with a combined output of 480 hp, delivering a 0-60 mph time of 3.8 seconds.

Despite its more modest power and fewer engines, the Lucid Air Pure RWD doesn’t get the increased range compared to the Air Pure AWD, which is also capable of 660 km on a single charge.

Lucid Air Pure RWD 2024.

At the same time, Lucid notes that the new model is equipped with the smallest and lightest battery to date.

Inside, the Air Pure RWD shares many features with other models in the lineup and features standard Apple CarPlay, a 34-inch curved glass display, and a touchscreen.

Lucid Air Pure RWD 2024.

The model features patented Lucid Micro Lens Array LED headlights for night driving.

In addition, the electric car is equipped with a set of advanced driver assistance systems and will be able to receive updates over the wireless network.

Despite its critical success, the Lucid Air struggled to find customers as inflationary pressures forced Lucid to raise prices on the already expensive sedan early in its introduction to the market.

Lucid Air Pure RWD 2024.

This may explain why the automaker decided to introduce another cheaper electric car.

The bulk of the Airs are produced by the Advanced Manufacturing Plant (AMP) in Casa Grande, Arizona.

And since the end of September, he has been assisted by a second Lucid site in Saudi Arabia. AMP-2 is a unique enterprise, because there has never been any car production in the kingdom.

The plant is located in the King Abdullah Economic City and is fully supported by the local Ministry of Investment and the Industrial Development Fund.

Lucid Air Pure RWD 2024.

Now the AMP-2 has a “screwdriver assembly” from machine kits supplied from the American plant. Capacity — 5 thousand cars annually.

By the middle of the decade, Lucid plans to switch to full-cycle production and increase production volumes to 150 thousand electric cars per year.

The cars assembled here will be sold in Saudi Arabia itself, as well as exported to other countries.


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