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Acura TLX 2021.

Acura TLX 2021.

Meet the new 2021 Acura TLX: the fastest sedan in the history of the brand.

Honda has unveiled a new generation Acura TLX, which the developers call «the fastest and most sporty sedan in the history of the brand.»

Outside, the new 2021 Acura TLH features a heavily rearward-shifted cab, making the four-door’s proportions sportier while improving axle weight distribution. By default, the sedan is equipped with 18-inch wheels instead of the previous 17-inch.

For the car, they immediately prepared the A-Spec sports package with 19-inch wheels, a larger spoiler on the trunk lid, darkened lighting equipment and stylish black decor in a circle, but it is available exclusively for the regular version of the sedan, while the Type S has 20 -inch rollers, front splitter and rear diffuser with four exhaust pipes.

Acura TLX 2021.


The interior of the Acura TLX 2021 sedan in a new body has become a little more spacious, while the Japanese have focused on improving the quality of the materials used — genuine leather and wood veneer are actively used in the interior. The manufacturer did not pursue fashion and retained the analog tidy, although an 8.0-inch screen is located between its scales, and a projection display can be ordered for a surcharge.

The multimedia system sports a 10.2-inch monitor, while the Japanese offer to control its functionality from a special touchpad «True Touchpad» on the central tunnel. It is divided into several sections and has a slightly concave shape for blind use.

Acura TLX 2021.

Note that Acura TLH was the first production model of the brand with a new front airbag for the front passenger. The latter was developed by Honda with Autoliv, and this airbag has three vertical sections connected by a soft jumper. In case of an accident, the central section takes on the blow of the head, and the side sections envelop the victim’s body, reducing the likelihood of his slipping to the side.

The 2021 Acura TLX is built on an all-new transverse engine platform. The main feature of the «trolley» is the front suspension on double wishbones instead of the usual MacPherson struts, while the rear is a multi-link. Adaptive dampers can be ordered for a surcharge.

The company reports that the track on the car has been widened by 30 and 41 mm at the front and rear, respectively. In addition, the car received a steering mechanism with a variable gear ratio and brakes with an electromechanical booster, i.e. communication with the brake pedal is carried out only by wires (previously a similar solution was tested on the Acura NSX supercar).

Acura TLX 2021.

Overall dimensions

In terms of dimensions, the new Acura TLH body turned out to be somewhat larger than its predecessor. The length of the four-door is 4,943 mm (+ 74), the wheelbase is 2,870 (+ 94), the width is 1,910 (+ 56), and the height is 1,433 (-15). The volume of the trunk is declared at 382 liters (+ 8).

The body of the model is 56% composed of high-strength steels and aluminum. From the latter, the hood, front bumper amplifier and front fenders are made here. It is reported that this made it possible to increase the rigidity of the body by one and a half times (at the points of attachment of the suspensions — twice).

Technical characteristics

The line of power units of the new Acura TLX 2021 has completely changed — from now on, naturally aspirated engines have completely disappeared from it. The base of the car relies on a 2.0-liter «turbo four» with direct injection from the Acura RDX crossover. On the sedan, it produces 276 hp. (380 Nm).

The more powerful version of the Acura TLX Type S has a completely new 3.0-liter «turbo-six», which has a two-line compressor, direct injection and electronic control of the wastegate (wastegate). The company has not yet announced the performance of this motor, but it is probably in the region of 400 hp.

Acura TLX 2021.

Both options are equipped with a new ten-speed automatic transmission with a push-button control panel and paddle shifters, which can be switched directly to four steps, both up and down.

The base sedan comes with front-wheel drive, but for a surcharge, you can order a proprietary fourth-generation SH-AWD transmission with individual couplings for connecting the rear wheels. It can transfer up to 70% of the moment to the rear axle. What’s more, all the traction can be sent to one wheel.

The Type S version is immediately all-wheel drive, but has special settings for the machine and the SH-AWD system. In addition, in addition to the standard Comfort, Normal and Sport ride presets, it has a more hardcore Sport + mode. Among other features of the top-end modification, it is worth noting an even wider track and four-piston Brembo brakes on the front axle.

Start of sales

Serial production of Acura TLX will be established at the American plant of the Japanese brand in Ohio, and not only cars will be assembled here, but also a ten-speed automatic, as well as an SH-AWD transmission. The start of sales of the four-door is scheduled for fall 2020 at a price of $ 35,000.

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