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Lexus IS 2021.

Lexus IS 2021

Lexus IS 2021.

Lexus IS 2021 — a new sports sedan or an upgraded version of the 3rd generation.
A subsidiary of Toyota continues to work on its new Driving Signature concept, which implies an improvement in dynamic performance along with a multiple improvement in security systems. And the new flagship in this direction will be the new Lexus IS sports sedan, which has changed generation, appearance, replenished with multimedia functionality and on-board assistants.

Technical stuffing

Despite the change of generation, IS has not moved to a new platform. Nevertheless, the presentation sounded information about a completely redesigned suspension.

Although the architecture remained at its place (multi-link systems front and rear), the wishbones are now made of high-strength aluminum, which reduced their weight by 20%, the same applies to stabilizers and shock absorbers, which are “thrown off” by 17%. The latter became more sensitive due to the installation of new valves.

Otherwise, the electric booster and ventilated disc brakes remained in place. The same can be said about the power units and transmissions, the list of which appeared in the restyling of 2015.

Lexus IS 2021

Lexus Is 2021 will receive:

2-liter turbo engine with in-line 4-cylinder architecture, 244 hp at 350 Hm paired with an intelligent 8-band automatic and rear-wheel drive;

3.5-liter V-shaped aspirated by 6 cylinders and 263 bhp. at 320 Hm. Already 6AKPP with all-wheel drive will be featured here;

The same V6, but boosted to 315 hp. at 380 Hm. The pair will be an 8-band intelligent rear-wheel drive automatic;

And the latest equipment with up to 315-horsepower V6, but with 6AKPP and all-wheel drive.

The fastest of the above trim levels was a pair of 315-horsepower V6 with 8AKPP and rear-wheel drive. It was she who was noticed by journalists on the highway in Nuremberg shortly before the announcement. Lexus says about 5.6 seconds to hundreds, but when ordering a sedan with an additional sports package, you can win another half second.

By the way, the sports package itself includes an adaptive suspension, forged wheels from BBS and a differential from Torsen (with increased friction). As for the hybrid version, they do not say anything yet. The previous generation received it right away, but this time a delay is apparently expected.

Lexus IS 2021


If the motor range remained unchanged, then the number of on-board equipment impressively recovered.
For premium versions, the availability of:

ABS, PCS, LKA, AHS, RSA, EBD, BAS, ESP, TCS and HAC systems;
Front and rear parking sensors;
4 driving modes;
Light and rain sensors;
Heated mirrors, windshield and rear window;
Height-adjustable steering column;
Remote key and keyless access;
Two pillows in the front, two in the back, 4 lateral, curtains, 2 knee for the front row.

The IS 2021’s biggest acquisition was a dynamic cruise with full speed radar recognition.

Lexus IS 2021

Body and dimensions

Externally, the sports sedan from Lexus remained committed to the design concept of the previous generation. At the same time, all body parts are completely new. In the presence of a similar massive trapezoidal radiator grille, «arrow» LED strokes and an aggressive body kit. But the feed has acquired a completely new architecture, very reminiscent of the recent Supra from the main brand.

The manufacturer separately focuses on the new power cage, which differs from its predecessor in its increased rigidity, additional struts, the number of welded points and an increase in the mass fraction of high-strength steel in comparison with the 3rd generation. Now we are waiting for the first crash tests.

Regarding wheels, Lexus IS offers alloys increased to 18 and 19-inch (previously the maximum was 17 inches).
It is also worth mentioning that the sports package with adaptive suspension includes a new more “evil” body kit, a different decor of the grille, a spoiler and an enlarged rear tire profile.

Lexus IS 2021


But the interior of the new IS was identical to its predecessor. The only changes are a protruding 10.3-inch multimedia touchscreen and additional touchpads for controlling the acoustics in the tunnel and climate control in the center console.

Otherwise, Lexus will also offer all-leather trim, bamboo inserts, adjustable in 8 positions of the chair, acoustics for 15 speakers, several USB in the cabin, panoramic sunroof, 2-zone climate, sports «buckets» in front and a sofa enveloping each passenger from behind.


Lexus has designated competitors independently. Among them, he recorded the Germans in the person of the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class.
What saddens, it is precisely because of them that the Japanese abandoned plans to sell a sports sedan in the European (and therefore the Russian market). The German price tag leaves no chance that the buyer will choose IS.

Price and sales start date

Nevertheless, the market for the new items will be impressive. The list contains more than 40 countries. The American market will become a priority for the company, where the 3rd generation of IS has formed a certain fan base.

The price starts at 2.7 million rubles, and sales are expected to begin in the fall of 2020.

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