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BelAZ Persha 2022-2023.

BelAZ Persha 2022-2023.

BelAZ Persha 2022-2023.

As you know, the sanctions pressure combined with the disruption of supply chains dealt a serious blow to the Russian automotive industry.

Following this, the Belarusian automotive industry was also severely affected. The point is that the main sales market for local companies was Russia and a number of CIS countries.

That is, the Belarusian automotive industry is highly dependent on the export volumes.

BelAZ, which produces a huge amount of special-purpose machinery and large dump trucks, exports about 95% of its production.

Some part of them, about 65% is exported to Russia, but due to the difficult economic situation in our country, the purchase of various equipment from the Belarusian company has been suspended.

Thus, BelAZ, which fell under European sanctions last year, lost part of its suppliers of components and reduced revenues by 8 times, is now experiencing just tremendous difficulties.

And there is only one way out — BelAZ has to start working on retooling its operations right now.

But because of its narrow specialization, the company lacks the necessary technologies and designs, without which it is impossible to produce other vehicles besides dump trucks and special machines.

BelAZ Persha 2022-2023.

This means that BelAZ needs to urgently look for partners that will help it reorient its line of business.

SAIC can assist in launching new projects. The Chinese company has long been looking for ways to enter the Russian market.

Cooperation with BelAZ will give SAIC an opportunity to deliver automobiles to our country without paying duties.

Thanks to this, the Chinese company will be able to export inexpensive cars, which will ensure their high competitiveness.

If the two manufacturers agree on cooperation, it is most likely that the first joint project will be a large four-wheel drive off-road vehicle.

Firstly, such vehicles are not losing their popularity. Secondly, there is a relatively high demand for them even in the current conditions in Russia.

In addition, SAIC has a model Roewe RX8, which has characteristics that are able to provide it with high demand.

BelAZ Persha 2022-2023.

In this regard, it is possible that this model will form the basis of the first real SUV — BelAZ Persha 2022-2023, the renderings of which have shown in the network domestic designer.

The choice in favor of this model is that the Roewe RX8 has an excellent layout, which simultaneously provides an excellent cross-country ability, comfort when driving on asphalt roads and a high level of safety.

The future BelAZ Persha will be based on a frame design. The choice in favor of such a configuration is quite in line with the philosophy of BelAZ, which produces powerful, cross-country and reliable vehicles.

The basis of BelAZ Persha is a front suspension on double wishbones. At the rear, there is a continuous axle with spring suspension and anti-roll bar.

As a result, the SUV can be comfortably operated both in the city and off-road: in both cases, the vehicle will show its best side.

To improve ease of operation, SAIC engineers implemented in their SUV system, which in conjunction with ESP brakes one of the rear wheels in case the car is too fast into a turn.

BelAZ Persha 2022-2023.

This reduces the chance of tipping and body roll. But the future Persha will be a classic off-roader. Therefore, the Belarusian model will get a steering system with a mechanical hydraulic booster.

Because of this the driver will have to get accustomed to the car at first: it will seem a little heavy. But this disadvantage is leveled by excellent driving qualities on asphalt, comparable with usual city crossovers like Volkswagen Tiguan.

The Belarusian novelty will be powered by a 2-liter supercharged engine with a maximum output of 224 hp and a towing torque of 360 N*m.

This engine is combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission. By default, BelAZ Persha 2022-2023 will be equipped with all-wheel drive with lockable center differential. The top versions will have the possibility to lock the rear axle.

With the standard settings, the operation of the all-wheel drive is controlled by the onboard electronics. In case of slipping of one wheel, it can transfer up to 100% of torque to the opposite axle.

Thus, the drivers have an opportunity of obligatory switching off all-wheel drive. Clearance of the future Persha reaches 202 mm, so it can ford up to 800 millimeters deep and the angles of approach and departure — 23 degrees.

BelAZ Persha 2022-2023.

But this is not the only feature of the Belarusian novelty. With a length of 4923 mm, its wheelbase reaches 2850 mm.

The width of the SUV is 1,930 mm and its height is 1,840 mm. Due to such dimensions, three rows of seats can be installed inside the Belarusian model. Despite these characteristics, the future Persha will be relatively affordable car.

Its prototype, the Roewe RX8, in China costs 169 thousand yuan, which is 1.43 million rubles at current exchange rates.

Taking into account the cost of delivery of components and a number of other costs in Belarus, the price of BelAZ Persha in basic version may go up to 1.8-2 million rubles.

But even such a cost will make the new car cheaper than, for example, Volkswagen Tiguan.

In this case, as noted above, the Belarusian and German models will be comparable with each other in driving qualities and handling on asphalt, despite the fact that BelAZ Persha 2022-2023 is a full-fledged frame SUV.

Moreover, the similarity between the two vehicles can also be seen in the list of available equipment.

Already in the initial package Persha will be equipped with LED headlights with automatic switching of high beam to low beam, air conditioning, stereo system with six speakers, button start the engine, Start/Stop and remote vehicle search on a parking lot and 10.1-inch touch screen.

Also by default, the Belarusian novelty will receive hydraulic booster brakes, hill start assist, wheel pressure control and dual stabilization systems. In addition, the initial version will have a rear radar and a camera.

More expensive versions will be equipped with leather seats, better acoustics, adaptive cruise control, multimedia with 4G and Wi-Fi support, frontal collision warning system, lane-keeping and distance to the car ahead and emergency braking.

Along with that, buyers will get panoramic-view cameras, fully automatic parking, front seat ventilation, a wireless charging platform and other options.

With this configuration and equipment, the new BelAZ Persha 2022-2023 may become the optimal vehicle for the Russian market.

The Belarusian model will offer a really rich set of options at a relatively low price, a spacious and comfortable interior, a quality-tuned suspension and an effective all-wheel drive that allows you to drive through almost any off-road terrain.

At the same time, having the characteristics of SUV, the presented car will be able to compete with the classic family crossovers.

The Belarusian novelty will be able to easily impose competition to famous off-roaders, such as Toyota Land Cruiser 300 and Lexus LX600, for which at the moment are asked too high and unreasonable price.

But it will take a long time for the plant and SAIC to launch production of BelAZ Persha. It is more likely that this model will debut before the second half of 2023.


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