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BMW M3 2022.

BMW M3 2022.

BMW M3 2022.

BMW M3 2022: a promising sports sedan model.
In the European sports car market, the new version of the legendary BMW M3 2022 will only be available in a non-alternative sedan configuration.

The corporate counterpart in the coupe body received the M4 index. The manufacturer positions the novelty as a high-speed, comfortable and reliable personal transport at an affordable cost.

The new sedan model received a deep restyling, which made it possible to implement a large number of new solutions in the body design, interior and chassis.

In the modernization of the sedan, materials and technologies were used that meet the high requirements of European automotive standards.


In the photo, in all four projections, the new body looks really stylish, sporty and somewhat aggressive. Most of the styling updates are concentrated on the front of the case.

The front of the sedan demonstrates:

BMW M3 2022.

wide format tapered at the top of the windshield;
a variety of dynamic stepped bonnet reliefs;
C-shaped running lights of LED or top-end matrix optics;
disproportionately increased size of air intakes;
branded radiator grille decorated with horizontal silver slats.

The sporty ambience of the front end is visible in the racing format of the ventilation diffusers, the vertical arrangement of the narrow fog lamps and the low landing of the engine compartment.

The positive perception of the sedan is generated by the dynamics of the stepped body reliefs.

In lateral projection, the sedan of the new generation strikes the imagination with the perfection of its exterior design and sporty layout.

In the field of view, reference aerodynamics of the body contour with an elongated engine compartment, an elegant slope of the lightweight carbon-fiber domed roof and compact aft dimensions.

The structural elements of the sidewalls are designed in the same style, including:

matte black trim for side windows and panoramic rear-hemisphere view mirrors;
ribbed functional and decorative profiles of longitudinal body reliefs;
20-inch titanium rims format.

BMW M3 2022.

The composition is complemented by the output diffusers of the front fenders and a curly metal sill strip.

Sporty style also dominates the design of the short stern in relation to the length of the hull. Available with a spoiler lip, inner sections of combined lights, brand logo and deep horizontal relief, a small tailgate.

The powerful bumper is equipped with fog lamps and large-caliber barrels of four exhaust pipes built into the plastic body kit.


The quality of the component materials of the finishing assortment is impeccable in all respects.

The new interior of the BMW M3 2022 model offers several options for genuine leather, plastic, carbon and decorative accents in polished aluminum composite.

In the upper, free of spokes, sector of the sports multifunction steering wheel, the digital instrument format is fully visible.

The classic three-tier console includes a media command display, a set of horizontal deflectors and a small-sized console with analog activators for functional and comfort-initiating options.

The design of the tunnel is focused on convenient access to the automatic transmission switch, multimedia washer, standard organizers and the volume of the mini-refrigerator located under the armrest.

In terms of configuration and the main parameters of on-board electronics, the BMW of the third series surpasses the equipment of the same type in the category of sports sedans of a higher class.

BMW M3 2022.

The service of the front seats is as close to the premium level as possible. In the presence of a built-in memory of several positions, extended possibilities of operational settings, heating, ventilation and top-end vibration massage of the seats.

Depending on the modification, the second row of seats is equipped with a sofa for three soft and comfortable seats or two separate armchairs.

Second-row service is limited by the backrest tilt, the presence of a folding armrest and an individual microclimate control panel. The nominal boot volume of the luggage compartment is 480 liters.


The exterior dimensions of the sedan, in the ratios of 4794 x 1903 and 1437 mm, are copied from its predecessor.

The chassis with a modified front suspension geometry is characterized by a wheelbase length of 2857 mm, a ground clearance of 125 mm, a comfortable combination of post-MacPherson and multi-link suspension.

The chassis benefits from the effective interaction of built-in stabilizers, disc brakes with heat-resistant carbon-ceramic inserts, electronic assistants and security systems.

BMW M3 2022.

In the basic configuration of the sedan there is an uncontested power tandem, which includes a turbocharged gasoline «six» with parameters 3l / 510 hp / 650 N • m, as well as an 8-band automatic transmission of torque to the rear axle differential.

The test drive showed the starting and speed characteristics of the sedan, worthy for a sports car, the time to reach the first hundred of 3.9 seconds and the maximum speed limited by an electronic circuit to 250 km / h.

Options and prices

The new BMW M3 2022 model year will be supplied to our market in three modifications, taking into account the perfection of the equipment, the price will be formed in the range of 6.9-7.0 million rubles.

Sales start in Russia

The manufacturer plans the first deliveries of the sedan at the end of the third quarter of 2021. The official release date in Russia will be announced at the end of the summer season.


In the category of prestigious sports sedans of competitors, the new BMW of 2022 model has more than a dozen and a half. In the first positions of the list of models are Chevrolet Corvette, Audi RS4, Infiniti G35, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Volvo S60.

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