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Cadillac C120R 2022.

Cadillac C120R 2022.

Cadillac C120R 2022.

Cadillac C120R 2022: supercar based on the Corvette C8 in a formidable dodger from Competition Carbon.

American tuning studio «Competition Carbon» has presented a modified version of the current Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C8).

Curiously, the modification named «C120R» is dedicated to the upcoming 120th anniversary of Cadillac.

So far the project exists only in the form of computer renders, but the studio plans to bring it to life and show the public at the SEMA-2022 Motor Show.

Anyway, the photographed car immediately attracts attention with a formidable sharp bodykit, with which the original Corvette is not recognized at once.

Only doors and roof remind about donor model here, while all other components are replaced for new.

In front of the tuned coupe can boast vertical LED headlights and carbon fiber splitter.

Cadillac C120R 2022.

The car got angular air intakes and aggressive hood with large ventilation slots, which, according to the idea, not only contribute to better cooling, but also improve aerodynamics.

Cadillac C120R 2022.

In addition, the supercar Cadillac C120R has unique front arches and a set of new wheels.

It has developed side «skirts» and redesigned side air intakes.

Interestingly, the studio has developed several options for engine covers, and one of them implies the presence of a massive air intake on the roof.

Cadillac C120R 2022.

Other features of the stern include stylish flaps, vertical strips of LED lights, an adjustable hydrodriven antifender, as well as a carbon diffuser and four exhaust system nozzles.

Competition Carbon experts plan to produce such bodykit components using 3D printing technology.

Cadillac C120R 2022.

About the cost of spectacular body kit the workshop don’t distribute yet.

By the way, the dodger is not enough, and by the SEMA-2023 exhibition tuners plan to prepare similar roadster, and the latter also will get V12 engine.


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