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Chery Exeed AtlantiX 2023.

Chery Exeed AtlantiX 2023.

Chery Exeed AtlantiX 2023.

Chery brings a new Land Rover competitor to the market: Exeed AtlantiX 2023 concept car has been officially presented.

Over the past few days, the Chinese media have been sharing reports about a new concept from Chery.

We are talking about Exeed AtlantiX 2023. At the weekend the car was officially unveiled. It is known that later will be presented serial version of the model, but its name has not been disclosed yet.

In the documents the crossover is listed under the index M38T. Externally the concept resembles popular Land Rover brand cars, but has received some original solutions.

Chinese company Exeed has released a set of sketches of the interior of the AtlantiX 2023 concept car. The manufacturer used a minimalist and high-tech design.

It should immerse the driver and passengers in a luxurious and futuristic atmosphere. These design concepts will be applied to the new flagship crossover, internally codenamed M38T.

The first car in white body will officially roll off the assembly line very soon.

Certainly, it is necessary to stop on design of Exeed AtlantiX first. In profile you can see a sporty and dynamic crossover.

Chery Exeed AtlantiX 2023.

The front bumper is made rectangular, where separately worth noting the original shape of headlights.

Immediately under the hood line is placed the inscription «EXEED», which is complemented with LEDs. The wheels are made in the same unusual style.

Under the doors and in the frame of the windows a decorative inset of brown color is used.

The doors open in different directions, which is currently used only in concept cars. The rear optics also received an interesting design.

The interior uses several original design solutions.

Chery Exeed AtlantiX 2023.

The first thing you want to note in the interior is the seats, which provide the most comfortable seating. There are touch screens on the backs of the front seats.

The «torpedo» has a fashionable dual monitor. As in most other modern cars, the module is responsible for the dashboard and the infotainment system.

An interesting design is used for the steering wheel. The trim has three colors — white, black, and a shade of natural wood.

The design of the cabin of AtlantiX concept car is made in minimalist style. Three basic shades: black, gray and wood, were chosen for the color combination that creates warmth and comfort, without losing the feeling of luxury.

In terms of details, the model is complemented by a see-through front dashboard that hides the air conditioning outlet and the audio system.

Chery Exeed AtlantiX 2023.

The seats of the AtlantiX concept car are reminiscent of the La Chaise Cloud Chair. In terms of smart technology, the 24.6-inch curved smart screen in front of the driver’s seat is certainly a «highlight.»

Unlike the currently popular triple or «floating» displays, the Exeed monitor is more focused on serving the person behind the wheel, and includes configurations such as map navigation with a nearly panoramic field of view.

On the AtlantiX concept car, we also see convex screens located on the backs of the front seats that not only harmonize with the curves of the seats, but also line up in direct line of sight with the passengers, avoiding the traditional rear view.

Chery Exeed AtlantiX 2023.

According to reports, the car’s «intelligence» can automatically adjust seating settings.

It can illuminate the vehicle’s interface from screen-off mode in seconds, and it also has a seat-heating setting function that can measure the temperature outside the vehicle.

The Exeed AtlantiX will be available with the latest technological intelligent driving assistance system.

It features an advanced safety package, a navigation module, and more. Under the hood of the concept is a 2.0TGDI engine.

The unit has a torque of 400 N*m. The list of options also includes eight-speed automatic transmission, electromagnetic suspension, all-wheel drive system and seven driving modes. A PHEV version will be available at a later date.

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