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Chevrolet Nexia 2022.

Chevrolet Nexia 2022.

Chevrolet Nexia 2022.

Overview of the Chevrolet Nexia sedan: how a foreign car costs up to 1 million rubles.

How much does the new Chevrolet Nexia 2022 cost in Russia: according to the website of the official dealer in Moscow, the price of a sedan varies from 850,900 to 936,900 rubles.

The model is available in three trim levels: LS, LT and LTZ. Specifications provide for the Chevrolet Nexia R3 the only gasoline engine with a displacement of 1.5 liters, which is available both in tandem with a manual or automatic transmission.

It should be noted that this model is currently being produced in Uzbekistan and is an Aveo T250 sedan from the distant two thousand and six.

Previously, cars were also produced under the Ravon brand, while the name “Nexia” was borrowed from the previously popular four-door Daewoo, but the car has nothing to do with it.

Configuration Chevrolet Nexia 2022

The initial equipment of the LS implies the presence of 14-inch steel wheels, ABS, ESP, an audio system, an on-board computer, two airbags, a height-adjustable driver’s seat and power steering.

The «medium» version of the LT is somewhat richer: it is put on 15-inch steel wheels, air conditioning, front power windows, central locking and electrically heated mirrors. Cars with automatic transmission also have fog lights.

Chevrolet Nexia 2022.

The list of equipment for the older LTZ equipment has been further expanded with rear power windows, and the wheels here are light alloy.


The new body of the 2022 Chevrolet Nexia is built on the basis of a front-wheel drive platform with a transverse engine and a steel body.

The suspension scheme of a budget sedan is quite standard: independent MacPherson struts in front, and a semi-independent beam in the back.

At the same time, anti-roll bars are installed on both axles of the car.

As for the brake system, disc mechanisms are used on the front wheels, and drum mechanisms are used on the rear wheels.

Chevrolet Nexia 2022.

Overall dimensions and dynamic performance

The Chevrolet Nexia sedan has the following overall dimensions, mm

Length — 4 330
Width — 1 690
Height — 1 505
Wheelbase — 2 480
Ground clearance (clearance) — 150

By default, the trunk volume of the model is 400 liters, but the manufacturer provides for the possibility of folding the rear seats, due to which this parameter can be increased to 980 liters.

The fuel tank on the car is 45 liters. On the version with manual transmission, the curb weight of the car is 1,190 kg, and with automatic transmission — 1,230 kg.

The front-wheel drive 2022 Chevrolet Nexia is equipped with a 1.5-liter inline-four that produces 106 hp. and 134 Nm. The latter can work both in tandem with a five-speed mechanics, and with a six-speed automatic.

According to the data sheet, the version with manual transmission is capable of accelerating from zero to hundreds in 12.2 seconds, and its maximum speed reaches 178 km/h. The version with automatic transmission accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 12.3 seconds, but its maximum speed is formally slightly higher — 179 kilometers per hour.

Chevrolet Nexia 2022.


Since in fact the “new” Chevrolet Nexia R3 is already more than 15 years old, the interior of the model cannot be called modern.

The front panel looks heavy, and the abundance of hard plastic spoils the picture.

In addition, the build quality leaves much to be desired: there are many uneven gaps in the cabin, and the upholstery of the seats is done carelessly in places.

At the same time, everything is in order with visibility, and things are not bad with ergonomics in the car: everything is in its place, and almost nothing irritates (except that the rest area of ​​the wipers is a bit high, which is why the brushes are always in sight).

Only two adult passengers can comfortably accommodate on the second row, but on the condition that the driver and front passenger are not particularly high. In general, the rear sofa is soft and has an optimal backrest angle.

Chevrolet Nexia 2022.

Driving impressions

Chevrolet Nexia 2022 has an unexpectedly peppy engine, the performance of which is enough not only for the city, but also for the highway (if you adhere to the permitted speeds).

Such a motor even allows you to ignite, although overly active drivers will have to pay with increased fuel consumption — over 11 l / 100 km in mixed mode, while the unit requires no more than 9.0 liters during a quiet ride.

However, I don’t really want to drive a Nexia: the car begins to dangerously throw from side to side at speed, and the feedback on the steering wheel here is far from ideal.

At the same time, the engine growls furiously, and it becomes impossible to talk with passengers in the cabin or listen to music.

As for the machine, it works quite smoothly, although it constantly strives to quickly move to higher levels.

In turn, the suspension of the sedan, although rolled, has a high energy intensity, due to which it allows you to comfortably ride on broken roads.

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