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Chrysler Airflow 2025.

Chrysler Airflow 2025.

Chrysler Airflow 2025.

The new Chrysler Airflow 2025 is revealed in a new design: the first photo of the convertible has been published.

The new Chrysler Airflow concept car was revealed to the public yesterday, with production starting no sooner than 2025.

At the moment the manufacturer has disclosed only some characteristics of the crossover, and also showed an approximate design, which will be offered in the production version.

Despite the fact that the car is still just getting ready to enter the market, independent designers have already fantasized about how the model will look in another version.

Thus, today there appeared on the web renders of the new Chrysler Airflow 2025 in a convertible version.

Of course, this class is not as popular as the SUV segment, but there is still some demand for such cars on the market.

As for the rendering, the image was created by the experts of the X-Tomi Design studio.

We should note that the published photo is unofficial, so the car may not get this variation in the future. Nevertheless, the image deserves attention.

We must say, the convertible looks quite stylish and interesting on the photo.

Despite the fact that the Chrysler Airflow here got a two-door design, some of the design solutions shown yesterday in the crossover are preserved.

Chrysler Airflow 2025.

You can see in the image that the designers kept the shape and angle of the windshield in the same format, although the front pillar is a little smaller.

On the other hand, this is due to some design features.

Moreover, the wheelbase also looks similar to the crossover. The design of the doors looks a little bit unusual — the sides are made a little bit higher than it is done in standard cabriolets.

On the other hand, it absolutely does not spoil the appearance of Chrysler Airflow.

Chrysler Airflow 2025.

It is assumed that if the company decides to release the model in this version, it will be equipped with an electric setup.

Chrysler has revived the Airflow name for the electric crossover.

It’s only a concept for now, but the company promises to release a production electric car as soon as 2025.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Chrysler presented a conceptual electric crossover with the historical name Airflow.

Chrysler Airflow 2025.

The name was used for the model, which was produced from 1934-1937: the Airflow was the first full-size American cars with a streamlined body.

The 2022 concept is built on the Stellatnis STLA modular platform, and it is powered by two electric motors, one on each axle.

Chrysler gives some specifications of the Airflow: the capacity of each of the electric motors is 204 horsepower (150 kilowatts), and on a single battery charge electric car can travel from 563 to 643 kilometers.

The car can drive in unmanned mode (autopilot corresponds to the third level of autonomy according to the SAE classification), namely independently moving in the flow, braking, gaining speed and turning, but the driver is required to constantly monitor the situation on the road and be ready to take control.

Chrysler Airflow 2025.

Airflow is meant to demonstrate Chrysler’s focus on electrification of the model range: the first production electric car of the brand will appear in 2025, and by 2028 all models in the company’s portfolio will be battery-powered.

For now, Chrysler is represented by only two cars — it is a full-size minivan Pacifica and business-class sedan with the index 300.

The Pacifica was also sold in Russia, but Chrysler dealers managed to sell only two of these cars throughout 2021.

The Russian site of the company works with limited functionality and there is no information about the new cars and their prices. This could indicate that Chrysler has actually left the Russian market.

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