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Citroen C21 2021.

Citroen C21 2021.

Citroen C21 2021.

Compact crossover Citroen C21 showed on a new render.
Daily-Motor.Ru has already said that Citroen is preparing to launch its most compact crossover, which so far bears the factory index C21.

His new render appeared on the web the day before.
The author of the virtual visualization of the car is SRK-Designs, which drew a new Citroen crossover based on fresh spy photos.

Judging by the render, the French «SUV» will receive compact dimensions, a body kit made of unpainted plastic, a roof and rear-view mirrors painted in a single color, black pillars, as well as new-fashioned two-tier optics.

The length of the novelty will not exceed 4 meters. The model will be based on the PSA CMP platform, and the engine line will consist of compact gasoline units (atmospheric and supercharged), and the younger engines will be combined with the “mechanics”, and the more powerful ones with the “automatic”.

Citroen C21 2021.

The crossover will premiere at the end of 2021. The main market for the Citroen C21 will be India, where compact cars enjoy tax breaks.

Previously, we received spy photos of a new budget crossover, codenamed Citroen C21, which was road tested in India.

Now the test prototype has been relocated to the colder regions of northern Sweden. There the car is tested at subzero temperatures. This time a lighter camouflage camouflage was applied to the test specimen.

Citroen C21 2021.

The new model is a special development, and its sales should start in 2022. When looking at the photos, it is obvious that the novelty has a high ground clearance and retains the modern design style of European crossovers with “two-story” front optics.

On the upper «floor» there is a strip in which LED daytime running lights are installed, and just below on both sides of the grille is the main lighting unit.

The rounded shape of the hood and the style of the grille itself are very similar details to the European Citroen C3.

Citroen C21 2021.

New Citroen C21

In addition to the above details, the novelty shares little with the European version of the crossover. The stern looks taller, and the lights are located in the rear pillars.

Inside, the new B-SUV segment will have a large touchscreen display on the center console that will serve as multimedia, as well as a simpler analogue instrument cluster.

The new crossover is based on the EMP1 trolley. This is a special version of the CMP platform for models of the Indian market, the technology of which does not allow the placement of electrified installations, and also limits the implementation of some technological options.

Citroen C21 2021.

In fact, despite the fact that the novelty has a lot in common with the Citroen C3 sold in Europe, it will have specific details.

In the engine compartment of the new budget crossover from Citroen, gasoline 3- and 4-cylinder engines will be located.

Among them, there are both atmospheric and turbocharged options, which are combined with an automatic or manual transmission.

In addition, a sticker on the tailgate of the test prototype indicates that the engines will also be able to run on LPG.

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