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Haval M6 Plus 2021.

Haval M6 Plus 2021.

Haval M6 Plus 2021.

Haval M6 Plus 2021 — affordable crossover after restyling.
The main advantage of the new version of the Haval M6 Plus is still the combination of budget and quite decent dimensions.

The cheapest crossover of the brand is far from the most modest in terms of capacity and external prestige. The latter will be especially facilitated by the second restyling of the car.


The exterior of the car has changed markedly, and clearly for the better. Amazing at this price, LED optics in the basic configuration are elegantly inscribed as a visual continuation of the powerful embossed radiator grille.

On the side of the bumper are quite adult air intakes of brakes with fog optics, and the lower bumper plate is supported by “formula” inclined struts placed in a narrow lower ventilation slot. The chrome piping lines provide contrast.

On the side, the car is deliberately weighted down by the rejection of the black design of the rear pillars. For machines that combine accessibility with practicality, the airiness of the profile will only hurt.

Haval M6 Plus 2021.

Although it is partially present, very moderately, the designers did not dare to highlight the middle pillars with the color of the body, leaving them black.

The rear is also massive, the spoiler above the door is small, as is the rear window, and the large trunk lid hangs over the modest bumper.

But it is also noticeable thanks to an interesting detail — an additional protective beam, trimmed with chrome and hugging weakly expressed pseudo-pipes.
The narrow horizontal lights are enclosed by a long LED strip above the huge letters of the model name.

Salon and equipment

Inside, the car is spacious, proportional and free from frills. The market for utilitarian cars requires simplicity and ergonomics, which the new Hawal M6 Plus is at its best.

But the more expensive equipment, there are only two of them, basic and top-end, is well finished, albeit with inexpensive materials. It is clear that the leather will be artificial, and instead of wood, aluminum with chrome effect.

Haval M6 Plus 2021.

A completely virtual dashboard is not necessary in this class, but analog devices can be beautiful too. And the optional multimedia display fully compensates for the minimum of electronics, towering above the center console and vents. Perhaps even excessively.

The mechanical transmission lever is similar in its placement to minivans and old Hondas. Together with its plastic body and glossy finish, it hovers above the transmission tunnel. The hand brake can be equipped with a push-button electric drive, the engine start is keyless.

Even the cheapest fabric-backed seats are comfortable and ergonomic. At the back, surprisingly, there is a change in the angle of inclination of the back of the sofa and the transformation of the middle passenger’s seat into a huge armrest.

The trunk is more than spacious, despite the full-size spare wheel and organizer with a set of tools located in the basement compartment, and the folded row of seats gives two cubic meters of common space. Unsurprisingly, the car is in high demand in China.

Haval M6 Plus 2021.


The choice of motors is modest to the point of complete absence. You can buy a single 1.5-liter engine, but the turbine accelerates it to 150 hp. recoil.

The variator is promised, but for now you can be content with a manual six-step. Or to act decisively by ordering a 7-speed preselector, the reliability of which is still unknown.

But lately, these types of transmissions with oil bath clutches no longer suffer from childhood illnesses. However, this box will not appear immediately.

The rear axle drive, like on many classmates, is not provided, despite the crossover appearance. This would reduce the availability of the vehicle. With the right choice of tires, only front-wheel drive can be considered a minor drawback.

The suspensions are unassuming, with MacPherson struts in the front and double wishbones in the back. The ground clearance is surprisingly low, only 134 mm under load.

The car is typically urban, roomy, and does not pretend to have a high cross-country ability. Therefore, the manufacturer did not hesitate with the dimensions.

The long wheelbase promises good stability outside the city, and the disc brakes on all wheels will allow you to slow down painlessly from high speeds.

Length, mm — 4664
Width, mm — 1830
Height, mm — 1729
Wheelbase (distance between axles), mm — 2680

Haval M6 Plus 2021.


In terms of size, the car is comparable to many European and Korean crossovers, but it will have to compete with classmates from its own country.

Well-known in Russia include Geely Atlas and Chery Tiggo. According to some indications, the Great Wall concern is well aware of what will be their main trump card. Market specifics are taken into account.

Release date and prices

The car is already on sale in its homeland, for Russia it will be offered at the beginning of 2021. The price of about 700-800 thousand rubles looks very tempting for a mid-size crossover.

It seems that it is quite possible to maintain such a cost when localizing a car at a Russian enterprise, but so far this issue has not been resolved.

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