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Dongfeng 580 2021.

Dongfeng 580 2021.

Dongfeng 580 2021.

Dongfeng 580 2021: cute mid-size crossover.
Many Chinese companies are renowned for their ability to produce fairly high quality multifunctional vehicles at an adequate price.

An example of such a car can be safely considered the new Dongfeng 580 of the 2021 model year, produced in a five- or seven-seater format.

This SUV made its debut on the Chinese market back in 2016, and modern restyling is designed to increase the demand for it among those motorists who need a reliable and unpretentious family car both in China and in other regions of the world.

First shown in Russia two years ago, the car conquered many domestic motorists with its bright, modern appearance, good technical data and a comfortable transforming salon.

There is no doubt that this Chinese man will be able to win his share of the market from European and Korean cars of a similar class.


Dongfeng 580 2021.

Judging by the photo, the novelty has received a very authentic appearance with a subtle influence of other well-known brands.

The exterior of the car combines the best features of a crossover and a minivan, and a huge number of different decorative elements, refreshing and modernizing its appearance, harmoniously coexist on a large area of ​​car surfaces.

The muzzle of the DFM 580 2021 looks very athletic due to the large windshield, as well as the massive radiator grille, made with the head lighting technology as a whole.

The last element is greatly adorned by the horizontal slats covered with chrome, as for the headlights, they are divided into segments and contain very nice LED daytime running lights. As for the body kit of the new model, only a modest trapezoid of the backup air intake can be distinguished, as well as even smaller slots on the sides with platforms for fog lights.

The profile of the new body looks no less bright. It starts with a sloping roof, whose shape is accentuated by chromed roof rails and a cute three-piece window shape.

Dongfeng 580 2021.

It will be framed by a chrome strip and separated by black and glossy racks. The door handles and the outer side of the exterior mirrors are finished in chrome for an interesting visual combination with a modest, flowing relief.

From below, it rests against massive sills and circular wheel arches with bright discs inside. The exterior of the sidewalls is supplemented with plastic protection for the lower areas of the doors and fenders.

The rear of the crossover is designed in a classic style for SUVs and contains a small visor above the window, wedge-shaped marker lights and a large fifth door with a simple relief.

The body kit is made of plastic and includes a medium-sized diffuser, two small fog lights, and exhaust pipes that are split on both sides of the body.


The interior of the new 2021 DongFeng 580 is somewhat reminiscent of the interior of BMW cars, although the simple fabrics and plastic, as well as metal inserts, are naturally much simpler.

The seats are quite comfortable, and the entertainment system contains many interesting and useful features that contribute to a pleasant pastime even on a long journey.

Front end decoration

Dongfeng 580 2021.

The center console, as on the best models of the Bavarian craftsmen, is slightly turned towards the driver.

The steering wheel is also somewhat reminiscent of the eminent «German»: the steering wheel is slightly straightened from below and contains three spokes, and on the side you can find many buttons for controlling the car’s functionality.

In the middle of the dashboard, there is a large multimedia screen, controlled by touch, a climate system knob and vents.

Then the tunnel begins, containing the gear lever, buttons for setting the driving modes, as well as a washer for working with the entertainment system.

Then there are organizers and an armrest, in the depths of which there is a rather spacious niche with a cooling function.

Seats and trunk

All the seats, of which there are seven in the crossover, will receive decent lateral support, medium-soft filler and fairly well-profiled seats and backs.

The front seats will receive solid lateral support, adjustable head restraints, heated seats and mechanical position adjustments.

The rear sofa is devoid of most of these options, but it is very spacious even for three adult riders, and in the absence of a central passenger, an imposing armrest with cup holders can be expanded. «Gallery» of the third row is suitable only for teenagers.

Dongfeng 580 2021.

The luggage compartment of the novelty is quite satisfactory. In the stowed state, it can take almost 380 liters of luggage, but if you fold the two rear rows of seats, then this figure can be increased to 2200 liters!


Two petrol engines will be offered for the Dongfeng 580 2021. The simplest configurations will receive 1.8-liter engines with 132 «horses». This car will work only with a five-speed manual.

For more expensive versions, a turbine-equipped power unit with a volume of 1.5 liters and with a return of 146 forces has been prepared. This engine will be offered the same transmission and drive system.

As the test drive showed, the new product will accelerate well and cope with most situations in the city and on the highway, but the off-road capabilities of the car are very limited.

Options and prices

In Russia, the car will be available in the «Comfort» package, which includes a seven-seater interior design and a 1.8-liter engine. The price of the car will be about 1.2 million rubles.

Competing models

Among the rivals of the «Chinese» there will be several famous models, including Nissan X-Trail, Honda CR-V, Skoda Kodiak, Hawal H2, and also Zoti T600.

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