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GAC Trumpchi EMKOO 2023.

GAC Trumpchi EMKOO 2023.

GAC Trumpchi EMKOO 2023.

The official photos of GAC Trumpchi EMKOO 2023 crossover interior have appeared in the network: a large multimedia screen and gearbox lever with crystal.

Last fall, GAC company showed a concept of a new crossover, which was quite originally called GAC Trumpchi EMKOO.

Almost immediately, engineers of concern began work on a serial version of the model.

Soon the first prototypes were seen on public roads in China.

A few days ago, images revealing some details of the exterior, as well as interior were published in the network.

Today, the press service has also published quite detailed photos of the interior of GAC Trumpchi EMKOO 2023.

We should remind you that the premiere of the crossover will be on April 26 this year. Sales will begin in the fourth quarter.

GAC Trumpchi EMKOO 2023.

We should say that the images show several unusual design solutions.

The first is the presence of large screen of infotainment complex, received the form of a tablet. The module is installed in the center of the «torpedo».

GAC Trumpchi EMKOO 2023.

The dashboard has a more modest size and takes a place just behind the steering wheel.

The latter is completed with the control keys. The second solution is in the design of the gearbox lever.

The matter is that the top part is decorated with real crystal. If we talk about the transmission tunnel itself, then a rather simple style of execution is presented here.

GAC Trumpchi EMKOO 2023.

Between the seats of the first row there is a comfortable armrest, covered with soft material.

By the way, the seats themselves have a very comfortable seating position and pronounced lateral support.

The interior trim is presented in the dark range, but it is assumed that several variants will be available.

GAC Trumpchi EMKOO 2023.

The exterior of the crossover has also been partially revealed. In general, a completely new style of performance is visible, but with the presence of branded solutions.

The car boasts a muscular body with sporty outlines.

As for the technical equipment of the model, there is little information so far.

In particular, it is reported that the cross will be available with a hybrid power plant, the characteristics of which are still unknown.

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