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GAC Trumpchi ES9 2024.

GAC Trumpchi ES9 2024.

GAC Trumpchi ES9 2024.

The GAC ES9 crossover based on the GS8 familiar to Russians is offered in two design options.

A three-row SUV with a new index is available exclusively as a rechargeable hybrid with technology in-house developed by the Chinese concern.

The premiere of the GAC Trumpchi ES9 crossover (the Trumpchi brand is used only in its homeland) took place back in August, and now preliminary prices have been announced in China and orders are now being accepted.

And although the manufacturer himself considers the ES9 to be an independent model, in reality we have before us the renamed GS8 of the second generation, which is also available in Russia.

The bottom line is that this year GAC decided to develop the segment of rechargeable PHEV hybrids, and so a new E-series was created for such cars: in addition to the crossover, today it also includes the E8 and E9 minivans, and the “nine” was also made on the basis already existing model — M8 of the current generation (the predecessor in the Russian Federation is called GAC GN8).

Well, let us remind you that HEV hybrids (that is, without the ability to charge from an outlet) have long been present in the GAC range, and the GS8 also has such a design.

GAC Trumpchi ES9 2024.

Trumpchi ES9 has two design options – standard and “off-road”.

The first modification does not have a separate name, and in appearance it completely copies the Trumpchi GS8 HEV: the difference from the purely gasoline “eight” is a larger radiator grille.

The “hardcore” crossover is called the ES9 Traveler, this version received an original grille, more impressive bumpers, LED running lights lined up in columns, new linings on the wheel arches and an additional box on the tailgate (because of it, the rear license plate had to be moved lower).

It is curious that the Traveler version was previously certified for the GS8, that is, it is possible that later the donor cross will be offered with a similar body kit.

GAC Trumpchi ES9 2024.

The length of the “off-road” GAC Trumpchi ES9 is 5110 mm, which is 95 mm longer than that of a “regular” SUV, the width of the Traveler version is increased by 26 mm to 1976 mm.

The height and wheelbase have not changed — 1780 and 2920 mm, respectively.

The ground clearance of the “nine” is 171 mm versus 190/200 mm for the local GS8. However, the ES9 comes with 20-inch wheels by default.

Inside, the Trumpchi ES9 replicates the original SUV — the rechargeable hybrid is also offered with a six- or seven-seater interior.

The list of standard PHEV equipment includes heated front seats, three-zone climate control, a 12.3-inch virtual instrument cluster, a multimedia system with a 14.6-inch diagonal touchscreen, all-round cameras, adaptive cruise control, auto braking, lane keeping and monitoring systems. blind spots.

GAC Trumpchi ES9 2024.

The top-end ES9 also has a panoramic sunroof, ventilated front seats with massaging, a heated steering wheel and second-row seats, and a head-up display.

The technology is the same as that of the Trumpchi E9 minivan, and it was developed by the GAC concern itself (HEV hybrids, for example, have an electromechanical variator from Toyota).

The ES9 installation can operate in parallel or sequential modes, but the hybrid crossover does not have all-wheel drive, although the “traditional” SUV can be all-wheel drive.

The PHEV system includes a 2.0 petrol turbo-four with a power of 190 hp, a 182-horsepower electric motor and a battery with a capacity of 25.57 kWh.

GAC Trumpchi ES9 2024.

The internal combustion engine is capable of operating in generator mode to recharge the battery, while modes are provided when it is also connected to the wheels through a two-stage DHT transmission: then the total output of the installation will be 373 hp. and 630 Nm. It was announced that the crossover will travel 110 km on electric power alone (according to the WLTC cycle).

For a “regular” GAC Trumpchi ES9 PHEV they are now asking a minimum of 229,800 yuan, which is equivalent to approximately 3.16 million rubles at the current exchange rate. The “off-road” ES9 Traveler PHEV costs from 259,800 yuan (about 3.57 million rubles).

For comparison, the purely gasoline “second” Trumpchi GS8 in China costs from 186,800 yuan (2.57 million rubles), the hybrid GS8 HEV — from 228,800 yuan (3.15 million rubles).

In Russia today they sell exclusively the “traditional” GS8 at a recommended price of 3,499,000 rubles. The local GAC office has not yet officially announced plans to introduce hybrids to our market.


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