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Geely Haoyue 2020.

Geely Haoyue 2020.

Geely Haoyue 2020.

Geely Haoyue 2020 — the first photos of the new large crossover.
The concept of an SUV under the VX11 index in 2020 reached the conveyor line and was named Geely Haoyue (Haoyue). Recall that the

Chinese concern has long been working on a new premium SUV, which will be much larger than the current Atlas crossover.
What the Chinese will eventually start to assemble at a plant in Belarus, we will consider below.


Geely Haoyue 2020

The Haoyue has a lot in common with the brand’s current minivan and Volvo crossovers. In particular, the 5-7-seater SUV took over from them the CMA modular platform, which was developed according to Swedish developments (Volvo was bought by Geely long ago), but the main share here belongs to Chinese engineers.

So at the output we will observe the transverse arrangement of the engine, the possibility of using all-wheel drive (normally only the front axle) and the standard suspension today in the form of MacPherson and multi-link.

Equipping with electronic passive safety systems is also common and corresponds to the modern realities of the automotive industry:

adaptive cruise, parking sensors,
automatic braking with sensors for detecting cyclists and pedestrians,

lane change assistance and blind spot monitoring,
sensors for tracking driver fatigue, etc.

Geely Haoyue 2020.

In terms of the motor range, Geely Haoyue is one of the few Chinese products that initially receives several security options in its home market.

For the new flagship, two gasoline units with turbocharging support are announced. Moreover, both receive a 48-volt starter-generator in the company with a robot or a 6-band automatic.

As for the characteristics of the engines themselves, the base will offer a 1.5-liter version with 177 hp. at 255 Hm, and in the premium class a 1.8-liter engine with 184 hp will be registered. at 285 Hm. There is no information about the dynamics and consumption.

It should also be noted that the premium configuration will receive matrix optics in the front and LED in the back.
The former will be controlled by artificial intelligence, both horizontally and vertically, while adapting the range of light to the environment. LED fog lights are already included in the base.


When it comes to cars of this class, aesthetics usually fades into the background. And the Chinese product was no exception in this regard. The emphasis here is on comfort, not on prominent curves or smooth lines.

Before us is a standard, large SUV. This is what we should focus on.

In terms of its dimensions, it is practically similar to its designated competitor in the face of Toyota Highlander, and in comparison with the previous flagship of the company, the car is almost 30 cm longer, 7 cm wider and 9 cm higher.

Regarding the appearance, I would still like to note the perfectly measured false grille with a three-layer pattern, Gili’s corporate logo, which is painted in black, and foglights, which received a three-level architecture.

Geely Haoyue 2020


Geely, although it specializes in the production of relatively budget cars, the design department works here on a par with the Germans. And in Haoyue, the guys also did not disappoint, playing minimalism in full accordance with the current trends.

Thanks to the lack of a busy dashboard, there is even more room in the already large SUV. On the torpedo itself, you can find only a pair of deflectors, a narrow strip of physical buttons and a thin 12-inch multimedia screen sticking out that looks great when paired with a virtual dashboard.

Do not forget that the Haoyue is primarily a flagship model, so the list of features that ensure maximum driving pleasure is as impressive as its dimensions.


multimedia with support for mobile interfaces,
advanced navigation, Wi-Fi module,
LED lighting around the perimeter, heating,
ventilation and massage of all seats (including for a 7-seat layout),
2-zone climate, etc.

The most remarkable interior detail is the panoramic roof. It would seem nothing surprising if not to mention the dimensions: length — 200 mm, width 100 mm.


As already indicated above, the Chinese tried to create their own SUV for the Japanese Toyota Highlander.
But judging by the price, the list of competitors will be replenished with another native of the land of the rising sun — Mitsubishi Pajero.

Geely Haoyue 2020.

Price and start date of sales

Geely Haoyue sales in China started right before the start of the quarantine. So a successful start is out of the question. The flagship should also get to our market.

For many years now, a plant in Belarus has been assembling Chinese cars and, apparently, they will be engaged in assembling new items there.

Our neighbors also have no information regarding the price tag and the launch of the assembly line. So far, you can only focus on the price. In the Celestial Empire, the basic configuration starts at 1.8 million rubles.

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