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Geely Preface 2021.

Geely Preface 2021.

Geely Preface 2021.

Stylish Chinese sedan with Swedish roots.
The Chinese concern Geely never ceases to amaze its fans with new models, often developed in conjunction with leading European automakers.

So Geely Preface 2021, prepared for showing at the end of the first month of this fall, will use Volvo’s technical stuffing. At the same time, the new model will offer customers a number of its own technical and design solutions, enclosed in a large, stylish and even somewhat brutal sedan body.

The engine compartment characteristics also promise to be at their best, and the cost of the novelty, although not yet known, will clearly not be prohibitively high, which will allow the sedan to compete with leading European and Asian classmates.


As you can see from the photo, the exterior of the car is its strong point. Futuristic outlines, bright but unobtrusive relief, interesting optics and air intake systems create a holistic, harmonious look that will not remain unappreciated by neighbors in the stream and pedestrians.

The front part of the new «Preface» came out very stylish and at the same time original, it cannot be called a restyling of any previously created model. It is set low, but rather long and wide.

Geely Preface 2021.

Under a large, strongly tilted windshield, there is a noticeably leaning forward bonnet cover with well-visible longitudinal grooves of the relief and a raised central part.

In the center, in front of the hood, is the chrome pentagon of the radiator grille in Geely’s corporate style. To the right and to the left of it are elongated, sectioned headlights with high-quality LED filling.

Below is a high, but not much protruding from the body kit, on which you can find several air intake slots with the possibility of installing fog lights in the side fragments, embossed muscular passages with a platform for the license plate, as well as a protective layer at the very bottom.

The profile of the new body is quite similar to the products of the Volvo company. Elegantly shaped windows with chrome trim and wide glossy black pillars blend harmoniously with the sloping roofline.

At the front of this design are large rounded mirrors with turn signal repeaters in any configuration. Below the relief begins, the waves of which «roll» to the huge circular wheel arches with stylish discs inside and graceful thresholds with decorative overlays.

The food Geely Preface 2021 is made in traditions that are not quite typical for the Chinese car industry. It starts with a huge glass, located at a noticeable angle, turning into a short and equally inclined luggage compartment lid with a narrow spoiler strip along the trailing edge.

Then the main section of the boot lid begins, embellished with a flowing relief, huge horizontal LED lights connected by a chrome strip, and model name plates.

Geely Preface 2021.

Next comes a body kit with rather long strips of rear fog lights, stamping under a license plate, a black plastic diffuser, and two oval chrome tailpipes that complete the exhaust system.


Minimalist trends dominate the interior of the new Geely Preface 2021 model year. The center console and adjacent vehicle controls are fairly simple but offer a high level of comfort, as well as very comfortable lumbar-supported seating.

Of the finishing materials, it is worth highlighting two types of plastic, fabric and eco-leather, as well as metal inserts. All this is perfectly docked with each other, and therefore does not produce any unpleasant sounds during the trip.

Front end decoration

The dashboard of the car has a horizontal architecture and consists, as it were, of two layers painted in different colors. The top layer includes a huge touchscreen display in the center of the infotainment system and a virtual instrument cluster of the same size.

It is practically not covered by a medium-sized steering wheel with a slightly cut rim at the bottom and an abundance of buttons on the side spokes.

Geely Preface 2021.

The lower part of the center console includes thin horizontal air vents, an engine start button and a horizontal strip of physical buttons for operating the climate system and activating several other functions.

Then all this passes into the imposing central tunnel, where there is a place for charging gadgets, a technical panel with a gear selector at the head, a large organizer covered with a curtain, as well as a large armrest, in the depths of which there is another compartment for things, moreover cooled.

Seats and luggage compartment

The car will have five seats, each with good lateral support and a fairly soft padding, allowing you to easily cover even long distances.

The front seats will also receive electric position adjustments and heating, available as an option in the rear row.

The exact volume of the trunk is still unknown, but based on the dimensions of the car, we can assume that it will be from 400 to 500 liters.

At the same time, the buyer gets the opportunity to transport long loads by folding the back of the rear seat.


A two-liter gasoline turbo engine capable of developing 190 «horses» has been prepared for Geely Preface 2021. In a duet, a seven-speed «robot» will work with him, transmitting forces to the front wheels.

Geely Preface 2021.

Hybrid versions of the car are likely to be available later.

A test drive, which allows to identify the dynamic capabilities of the car and its cross-country ability, has not yet been carried out, but a number of auto experts believe that all the parameters will be «on a level» and will not yield to more titled models, despite the fact that the novelty is positioned, first of all, as a highway -city.

Options and prices

The exact price of the car is still calculated by the manufacturer, and therefore is unknown. Also a little later it will be possible to find out the list of available configurations.

Sales start in Russia

There is no talk about the release date in Russia of the novelty in the foreseeable future, but since our market is one of the priorities for Geely, we can count on the appearance of the model next year, 2021.

Competing models

In addition to the «brother» in the face of the Volvo S90, the new product will be rivaled by Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Passat and Kia Optima.

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