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Geely Lynk&Co 03 2023.

Geely Lynk&Co 03 2023.

Geely Lynk&Co 03 2023.

Geely will launch the new Lynk&Co 03 with a motor more powerful than the BMW 5-Series.

Geely is expanding the model range of the Lynk&Co sub-brand. And it continues to act in the same direction, which was chosen earlier.

That is, Geely develops more and more powerful cars. This decision concerned the Lynk&Co 03 sedan.

Geely will soon release the most productive modification of the model. It will be presented on the market as Lynk&Co 03 2023.

The main feature of this version of the Chinese sedan is its technical part.

The car will keep its standard turbocharged 2-liter engine. But its maximum output will grow to 350 hp.

For comparison: all versions of BMW 5-Series, which remained in Russia, are equipped with less powerful motors.

Only top-end M-modification of Bavarian sedan is equipped with more productive unit for 530 hp.

Let’s remind that Lynk&Co 03 has already appeared in several special versions, different with high dynamic characteristics.

Geely Lynk&Co 03 2023.

In particular, the modification Cyan is focused on races on race tracks.

A performance Evo provides the same 2-liter turbo engine, producing up to 265 hp and 380 N*m.

This sedan can accelerate to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds, its maximum speed is limited at 250 km/h.

It is also important that the range Lynk & Co 03 includes relatively cheap cars: prices for them range from 98.8 to 256.8 thousand yuan, or from 894 to 2.32 million rubles.

Geely Lynk&Co 03 2023.

The cost of the most powerful Chinese sedan has not yet been announced.

Geely promised that it will debut in the near future, although the company did not give an exact date.

The car is unlikely to come to the Russian market.

As it became known, in the Celestial Empire Lynk & Co 03 + 2023 is sold in the version Final Edition.

This variation is offered in limited edition — only 303 copies were made.

As for the price, it is declared in the range 200 — 300 yuan (1.692 million rubles).

As a base for the exclusive version was taken Yufeng Edition/Wind Control Edition, indicating the presence of similar options.

Geely Lynk&Co 03 2023.

As for the appearance of Lynk & Co 03+, it remains the same. The only difference is the appearance of a larger rear spoiler.

Otherwise the design style is the same. The front end of the vehicle is equipped with narrow headlamps, compact air intake and neat grille.

The sides are flanked by chrome inserts. Spoke pattern on the wheels looks interesting. The body received a two-tone coloring, which gives the appearance of dynamism and sport.

The interior also remained unchanged. In general, the modernization is not required here, as the car was introduced relatively recently.

Geely Lynk&Co 03 2023.

The finishing of the cabin is made qualitatively and modern. Contrasting stitching adds a sporty touch to the interior.

In terms of equipment offers a large enough choice. Thus, for Lynk & Co 03+ available modern dashboard, infotainment system, multifunction steering wheel, many sensors, assistance systems and much more.

Under the hood of the car there is quite a productive engine. We are talking about a turbocharged unit, the volume of which is equal to 2.0 liters.

Its power corresponds to 254 horsepower, and the draft does not exceed 350 N*m. It is combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system.

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