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Honda Crider 2021.

Honda Crider 2021.

Honda Crider 2021.

Honda Crider 2021 sedan updated amid collapse in sales: bigger but cheaper Civic.

«Four-door» has changed both outside and inside. Motors are not affected by reforms: the model is still available with a liter «turbo» or as a hybrid. But the prices have risen insignificantly.

In Honda’s range the Crider sedan appeared in 2013, it went to the second generation in 2018.

This model is designed specifically for China, where the production is set up — the GAC Honda JV is responsible for the production.

According to CarSalesBase statistics, the best year for the four-door was 2014, when 157,207 copies were sold.

After punching the mark of 150,000 units managed only in 2019 (154,053 units), and here is the result of last year — already 113,379 cars, following January-August 2021 and sold only 25,096 sedans, which is almost three times less compared to the same period in 2020.

Against this background, the brand launches the restyled Crider.

The model got a new hood — without the «hump» in the center. The top chrome plated plate is flat now, not convex, in addition Honda emblem was moved a little bit lower.

The bumpers are also retouched. Its length increased by 10 mm to 4766 mm, other dimensions haven’t changed: width — 1804 mm, height — 1509 mm, wheelbase — 2730 mm.

Honda Crider 2021.

By the way, the length of the Crider is still superior to a four-door Civic, although the distance between the axles of the latter after the change of generations has increased (the size of the Chinese new Honda Civic — 4674 and 2735 mm, respectively).

A new control unit for climate control is installed in the cabin, with touch screen buttons instead of «pucks».

In addition, the multimedia touchscreen has a frame, which visually united the tablet with the «climate».

Honda Crider 2021.

The multimedia itself is also new, with voice control and expanded connectivity. At the same time, the sedan retained its «chip»: a folding central armrest of the rear seat can turn into a table.

As before, the top version still gets adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping and blind spot monitoring systems.

The engine is the same: Honda Crider is equipped with a petrol «turbo» 1.0 from the previous Civic, the engine produces 122 hp and 173 Nm.

Honda Crider 2021.

The hybrid version of the model appeared last year. The setup includes a four-cylinder «atmospheric» 1.5 and electric motor, the total output — 154 hp.

After the restyling the sedan has lost the «mechanics», now it is available only with a variator, however, the 6 MPP was only in the initial configuration.

Due to lack of manual transmission the «base» rose in price, but not strongly, and prices for other modifications almost the same: gasoline Honda Crider costs from 109,800 to 139,800 yuan (about 1 234 000 — 1 571 000 rubles at the current exchange rate), the hybrid will cost from 139 800 to 169 800 yuan (1 571 000 — 1 909 000 rubles).

Honda Crider 2021.

For comparison, «traditional» Honda Civic of new generation in China will cost at least 129 900 yuan (1 460 000 rubles; the hybrid version of «eleventh» Civic is not yet available).

Meanwhile, in China, the Crider has a twin, the Envix sedan, which is produced by a joint venture between Honda and Dongfeng.

This model was launched in 2019, and it is not in demand: last year’s result was only 44,751 units.

At the moment, it is unknown whether the Envix will survive the restyling or whether it will be retired after all.

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