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Hyundai i10 2020

Hyundai i10 2020

Hyundai i10 2020

Hyundai i10 2020 — a new subcompact with a robotic gearbox
The exhibition at the Frankfurt Motor Show has not yet taken place, and Hyundai has already presented the new third-generation Hyundai i10 hatchback on the Internet.

The new five-door hatchback was designed specifically for the European market. Compared with the previous version of this car, the exterior of the body has been slightly altered, the interior has been changed, now it has become more spacious, and also received better materials. Also, the car now boasts modern electronic assistants.

The changes affected the technical side of the new Hyundai i10. He received a robotic transmission and a system that reduces the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Hyundai i10 2020


The developers decided not to fundamentally change the appearance of the car, but limited themselves to only minor design changes that affected individual parts of the exterior. I must say that these «minor» improvements were made not in vain. The car now looks more modern, stylish and dynamic.

In front, the miniature hatchback looks quite daring, thanks to the large angle of the hood and the aggressive shape of the head optics. Another interesting innovation was the fog optics in the form of small cells, built into the black radiator grill at the edges. The aggressiveness of the appearance of the front of the machine is also added by additional air intakes, which are located both below the plumb line and on the sides.

In profile, the new Hyundai looks like the previous one, with the exception of some elements. 3 new colors were added, which allows the buyer to choose from 10 colors. Also now it will be possible to purchase a car in a two-tone color option (the roof and pillars can be painted black or red). The black or red roof and pillars are very harmoniously combined with tinted windows.

Hyundai i10 2020

The relief is evenly distributed throughout the side of the body and is present both on the doors and on the wings of the hatchback. Small details such as door handles, rear-view mirrors and all kinds of decorative elements are designed so as not to stand out, which makes the look of the car restrained and elegant. In the round wheel arches, wheels with alloy wheels having the original spoke are located.

The back of the car looks quite simple, but at the same time interesting. The visor with a built-in strip of stop lights, which ends with the roof, looks very impressive against the background of small windows and doors. The remaining elements, such as positioning optics, body kit, which has a license plate, fog lights and exhaust pipe, remained unchanged.

Hyundai i10 2020


Unlike the bodywork, the 2018-2019 Hyundai i10 interior of the model year is almost completely redone. The front panel now has an unusual shape, on which a control unit is located on top, which includes a touch screen, several buttons and washers to control the interior functionality.

Directly below the display are deflectors, and even lower the built-in audio system. The tunnel here is quite modest and, in addition to the gear shift knob, has only a few buttons.

Thanks to a small increase in the interior, the seats have become more convenient and comfortable. The front row of seats is equipped with head restraints with several settings. The backs of the rear sofa can be easily folded using a mechanism that was not in the previous model.

The luggage compartment has remained unchanged and has the same volume of just over 250 liters. However, thanks to the double floor, it has become more convenient to use.
The new Hyundai i10 2020 has an extensive list of optional equipment, among which are: a multifunctional steering wheel, cameras, button triggering and much more.

Hyundai i10 2020


At the start of sales, the car will have two naturally aspirated engines to choose from.

1. The first engine is a three-cylinder and has a volume of 1.0 liters and a power of 67 horsepower.

2. The second motor is more powerful. This is a four-cylinder unit with a volume of 1.2 liters and a capacity of 84 horsepower.

There will also be two transmissions to choose from (robotic or mechanical).

Exact configurations will be known closer to the start of sales, whic

Options, prices and release date

h is scheduled for spring 2020. So far it is only known that the selected motor and transmission will influence the price.

It is also known that an environmentally friendly version of the car will be available, which has four seats instead of five.
The preliminary price for the basic package is 10 500 euros or 760 000 Russian rubles.

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